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IFEInstituto Federal Electoral (México)
IFEIn-Flight Entertainment
IFEInstitutt For Energiteknikk (Institute for Energy Technology; Kjeller, Norway)
IFEInstitute for Energy Technology (Norway)
IFEInternational Feed Expo (trade show)
IFEInternational Franchise Expo
IFEImmunofixation Electrophoresis
IFEInternational Franchise Exhibition (trade show)
IFEInstitute for Exploration (deep-sea archaeology)
IFEInstitute of Fire Engineers
IFEInternational Field Experience (various schools)
IFEIn Full Effect (band)
IFEInternational Food and Drink Exhibition (London)
IFEIn-Flight Emergency
IFEInternational Food and Drink Event (London)
IFEInternational Family Entertainment, Inc.
IFEInjury Free Environment
IFEInternet Forum Europe
IFEInternal Factor Evaluation
IFEIntegrated Fluids Engineering (oil/gas drilling)
IFEInstrument Flight Examiner
IFEInstructor Flight Engineer (USAF crew position defintion)
IFEInteractive Front End
IFEIron Fist Empire (gaming clan)
IFEIndependent Fee Estimate (FAA regulatory requirement)
IFEIntrahousehold Flypaper Effect (finance)
IFEIn-Flight Extraction
IFEInstantaneous Fuel Economy
IFEInstitut Français d'Écosse (French: French Institute of Scotland; UK)
IFEIndependent Foundation Engineers, Inc (Plano, TX)
IFEInertail Fusion Energy
IFEInnovationen Für Einstiegssysteme (Innovations for Entrance Systems; Austria)
IFEIndustrial Foundation for Enterprise
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(25) Although a method to detect one MAT (daratumumab-specific immunofixation electrophoresis reflex assay) has recently been developed, (26,27) few respondents reported that they offer any methods for the detection of MATs.
In our case, we did not make a final diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis but serum immunofixation electrophoresis detected A-light chain abnormality.
Immunofixation electrophoresis was performed in 17 solubilized cryoglobulin samples from the 28 patients with cryoglobulinemia (60.7%) who had enough material for this analysis.
If an abnormal band is present, Perform immunofixation electrophoresis and interpret pattern.
A urine and serum immunofixation electrophoresis revealed a monoclonal gammopathy of free [kappa] light chain.
The daratumumab-specific immunofixation electrophoresis reflex assay uses anti-daratumumab antibody that alters daratumumab's migration on immunofixation electrophoresis, which distinguishes it from an endogenous M protein (2).
In this patient, the immunofixation electrophoresis of serum did not show any monoclonal gammopathy.
Nine months after removal of her spleen, nephelometry revealed that serum immunoglobulin (Ig) levels (15 g/L IgG, 0.74 g/L IgA, 0.68 g/L IgM) had returned to normal levels, and immunofixation electrophoresis revealed that the monoclonal heavy chain had disappeared.
Immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE), traditionally a confirmatory technique, has been promoted as a first-line screen.
Serum protein electrophoresis and immunofixation electrophoresis revealed no monoclonal immunoglobulin, urine protein 0.21 g/24 h, and WBC 8/HP.
The patient was subsequently referred to our institution for treatment options, where additional serum protein electrophoresis (Beckman Coulter PARAGON system, Brea, Calif) and serum immunofixation electrophoresis (Beckman Coulter) analyses confirmed the presence of an IgG[Kappa] M-protein that had increased to 60 g/L.
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