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Comparison of the efficacy of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid with metronidazole to azithromycin with metronidazole after surgical removal of impacted lower third molar to prevent infection.
This study was undertaken to assess the influence of total surgical time on post-operative trismus after removal of impacted lower third molar.
Mesioangular impacted lower third molar on the right side as well as impaction of second and third lower molars on the left side within a single follicular space was noted.
Objective: To determine the differences in various linear and angular measurements between erupted and impacted lower third molar group on conventional panoramic radiographs.
Incidence of cystic changes in impacted lower third molar. Indian J Dent Res 2013;24:183-7
Incidence of cystic changes in radiographically normal impacted lower third molar follicles.
Similarly Pichler and Beirne14 concluded in their study that the lingual flap retraction during impacted lower third molar surgery could induce a higher risk of temporary lingual nerve damage than when a lingual flap retraction was not done 6.4%.
A total of 1869 (64.87%) patients out of 2881 patients who visited the Specialized Center had either unilateral or bilateral impacted lower third molar. The number of female patients were significantly (p<0.005) higher than males.
Effect of two routes of administration of dexamethasone on pain, edema, and trismus in impacted lower third molar surgery.
According to NICE guidelines (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence), prophylactic removal of impacted lower third molar should only be considered in those patient who had more than three episodes of pericoronitis per year.
In the clinic of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Princess Haya military hospital in Aqaba-Jordan, between 2009 and 2011, one hundred and ten patients (51 male, 59 female) with a mean age of 23 years, underwent surgical extraction for the impacted lower third molar. The eligibility criteria of selection of the patients for this study were the same as that used in the prospective cohort study previously described by White et al9 (Table 1).