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IMCONImpedance Control
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IMCONControlled Imagery (intelligence classification)
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Both impedance control and admittance control can be applied to human-robot interaction system.
A hierarchical whole-body impedance control framework [3] builds the behavioral basis for the higher-level reasoning system (Figure 2).
They are the evidence of the fact that the recommended structure of the servo drive with impedance control allows to achieve a significant increase of the dynamic stiffness and oscillation damping of the control object.
Or strip planes between analog and digital sections may need to be changed, depending on the impedance control requirements on the board.
Using an instrumented orthosis to measure the forces and motion applied by human trainers, we aimed to identify the impedance control and timing features associated with eliciting better stepping.
Adjustable link parameters reduce inter-symbol interference; improve jitter; and offer impedance control and NEXT/FEXT impairment reduction.
The IZI-Probe exhibits electrical characteristics giving it a high DC capability of over 10W and exact impedance control.
This portion of the study showed that it was possible to create more uniform part properties while simultaneously reducing the average cure time, using the impedance control methodology.
The latest patent, United States Patent 6,080,149, covers aspects of the company's highly user-friendly impedance control interface found on its RF 2000 and soon-to-be launched RF 3000 Radiofrequency Generators.
High-speed ECL logic found sufficiently limited service to allow manual or interactive routing in the more demanding matched impedance applications, while auto-routers for most applications gave little or no consideration to crosstalk and impedance control.
The signal can be routed directly from the originating component right to the receiving component with impedance control the entire way.