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An obstacle avoidance method for redundant manipulators using impedance control is proposed in this paper.
Instead, they make their own impedance control calculations and verify these against the information provided by the OEM.
This odd layer construction is primarily used for designs that require two-sided shielding in the flex areas, which are mostly driven by strip-line impedance control. Some designs may have RF and EMI considerations.
The LLR-Ro also adapts the impedance control strategy based on position control to realize accuracy position control.
* Moderate range for active output impedance control
This structure offers good impedance control, very low signal loss into the dielectric (approx 1/10 that of FR-4) and signal propagation speeds about 10% faster than FR-4.
The gap of CPW structures can now be increased while ensuring impedance control. The proposed technique was investigated with a coplanar network and a CPW test structure.
This factor can be especially critical for proper impedance control of coaxial cables and temperature reading accuracy of thermo-couple wire.
The first (TABLE 1) was a 20-layer Class 3 board with more than 15,000 drilled holes, more than 4,000 SMT components, and single-ended and differential-pair impedance control on 12 layers.
Impedance control, proposed by Hogan in 1985, was designed to make the interaction environment between patients and the robot more harmonious [31].
This is especially true when it comes to impedance control.