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IAIowa (US postal abbreviation)
IAInternet Archive
IAInformation Assurance
IAInformation Architecture
IAInternational Airport
IAIntel Architecture
IAImpact Assessment
IAIn and Around
IAInternational Affairs
IAInternet Access
IAInternational Academy
IAIndustrial Automation (Star Wars, company who made R2-D2)
IAInternal Affairs
IAInvestment Advisor
IAIndividual Assistance (US DHS/FEMA)
IAInter Alia (Latin: among other things)
IAInternal Audit
IAIrrigation Association
IAItalian American
IAImpact Analysis
IAImmediate Action (Military)
IAInternational Agreement
IAIntangible Assets
IAInspection Académique (France)
IAInternet Appliance
IAInspection Authorization
IAIndividual Account
IAIllegal alien
IAInitial Assessment
IAInstruction and Assessment
IAIntelligent Agent
IAImplementation Agreement
IAIndian Airlines
IAIndependent Agencies
IAInstitutional Advancement (various schools)
IAIntelligence Artificielle (French)
IAInvestment Analysis
IAIsaac Asimov (author)
IAIdentification and Authentication
IAIndian Army
IAIm Auftrag (German: By Order)
IAInshallah (God willing)
IAInternal Assessment (International Baccalaureate testing)
IAInitial Attack (firefighting)
IAIndependent Amount
IAInstructional Assistant
IAIndustry Automation
IAIntelligence Analyst
IAIn Absentia (Latin: On Behalf of and in the Absence Of)
IAInformation Assistance
IAImplementing Agency
IAInvasive Aspergillosis
IAIndividual Augmentee
IAInteragency Agreement
IAIndependent Assessment
IAInterfaith Alliance
IAInstitute of Astronomy
IAInitial Appointment
IAImperial Army (gaming)
IAInternet Audio
IAInstitute of Aging
IAIndia Abroad (newspaper)
IAInformation Asset
IAInformation Analyst
IAItalian Army
IAIndustrial Archaeology
IAInstantly Available
IAInternational Alert (UK peacebuilding organization)
IAInformation Appliance
IAInterface Adapter
IAInstallment Agreement
IAIntelligence Assessment
IAInvestment Agreement
IAIntruder Alert
IAIraqi Airways (IATA airline code)
IAIssuing Agency
IAIntelligent Application
IAInitial Action
IAImperial Academy (Star Wars)
IAInterval Arithmetic
IAIncentive Award
IAInternational Alphabet
IAInstrumentation Amplifier
IAIndividual Augmentation
IAInterface Analysis
IAIntelligence Amplification
IAInspection Administration
IAInitial Appraisal (USACE)
IAIndustrial Attachment
IAInternet Alliance
IAInstrument Airplane
IAImperial Age
IAIsland Alliance (Boston, Massachusetts)
IAIt's Academic
IAIncremental Analysis
IAIndustrial Affiliates
IAIntegrity Agreement
IAInterface Architect
IAInitial Authorization
IAInternal Alarm
IAInformation Attack
IAImplementing Arrangement
IAImpulse Approximation (electron momentum density)
IAInfamous Adventures (gaming website)
IAImplementing Agent
IAInvasion America (Dreamworks TV Series)
IAIntegrated Agent
IAInterstellar Alliance (Babylon 5)
IAImperator Augustus (Latin: Emperor Augustus, epigraphy)
IAIntermediate Agent (networking)
IAInteroperability Agreement
IAIrrigation/Aspiration (medical procedures)
IAInstitutional Adaptation (US Army)
IAIneffective Attempt
IAInput Axis
IAInterface Agreement
IAIndicated Altitude
IAInterim Accreditation
IAIndian Airways
IAInstallation Assessment
IAInvestigative Analyst
IAInhalation Anaesthetics (pharmaceutical industry)
IAInstituti Albanologjik (Albanological Institute, Kosova)
IAImage Amplifier
IAImpedance Angle
IAInherent Availability
IAInterior Alliance (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada)
IAInternet Aid
IAInstable Angina (cardiology)
IAIrritant Agent
IAInventory Automation
IAInterrogation Arm (explosive detection aid)
IAInstalling Activity
IAInteractive Accountability
IAInput Acknowledgement
IAImplosion-Assembled (weapon)
IAImagery Analysis/Analyst
IAIntroducing Advisor (foreign exchange)
IAIfugao Academy (Kiangan, Ifugao, Philippines)
IAInstallation Accountant
IAImmediately Avaliable
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a stridently nationalistic Russia will not succeed in any effort to create a new empire in our post imperial age.
They have produced a volume in which each chapter includes, with slight variations: (a) analysis of the historical conditions of empire in the theologian's context, (b) a thumbnail sketch of the theology of the figure, (c) critical discussion of ways the theologian was both complicit with and/or resistant to empire, and (d) reflection on lessons learned for our own imperial age.
In the new imperial age of peace enforcement, the legacy of Britain's "shameful flight" from South Asia Should serve to .
Conversely, Racine dramatizes problems that issue from the concentration of power and domination in the hands of a single ruler during Rome's imperial age.
As granddaughters of the supreme European monarch of the imperial age, these women had upbringings that befitted their station in life.
Many Brummies will have seen well-loved buildings in Birmingham lost to the bull-dozer in the 1950s and 1960s as the view of planners and architects was that they were old-fashioned and costly and looked to an imperial age that was no longer relevant to modern society.
An interesting section on how art nouveau was used at the 1897 Brussels Exhibition to promote Belgium involvement in the Congo reveals further openness to the exotic as well as a reminder of the imperial age.
By glossing over these differences Nylan inadvertently creates an impression of a much stronger continuity between the late pre-imperial and the early imperial age, the former being relegated to a position as preparatory stage for the latter.
This completely bonkers 'four dimensional experience' (it squirts water at you when the film mentions rain) romps through 3,000 years of Roman history - from Romulus and Remus, through the Imperial age, Christianity, the Renaissance and up to the modern era.
This assertion of US benevolence reflects Zimmermann's generally positive view of the American imperial age, which lasted for about a century following the Spanish-American War.
Braga has religious sites and imperial age mansions to visit but it is also a modern city - a place where nuns mingle with women dressed head to toe in Versace.
The objective of both conferences, which were sponsored by the Italian Research Council and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, was to offer a comprehensive view of the currents of philosophical thought that cross the Imperial age, which began with the rise of Octavianus Augustus and ended with the fail of the Roman Empire.