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IATIntelligent Agent Technology
IATInternational ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transaction
IATIntra-African Trade
IATInformation Assurance Training (various organizations)
IATImplicit Association Test
IATIntake Air Temperature
IATInternet Access and Telecommunications
IATImport Address Table
IATInstituto Andaluz de Tecnología (Andalusian Institute of Technology)
IATInternational Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (joint IEEE, WIC and ACM conference)
IATIt's About Time
IATImpact Assessment Tool (software)
IATIntervention Assistance Team
IATInstitute of Aerospace Technology (Japan)
IATInstitute of Advanced Telecommunications (Swansea University)
IATIndirect Antiglobulin Test
IATInstitute for Academic Technology (University of North Carolina)
IATInternational Appalachian Trail (US and Canada)
IATInter-Arrival Time
IATInstitute for Advanced Technology
IATIndividual Acceptance Test
IATInformation Access Technology (provider)
IATInternational Atomic Time
IATInternet Addiction Test
IATIwate Asahi Television (Japan)
IATInstitute of Accounting Technicians
IATInter Account Transfer (banking)
IATIndependent Assessment Team
IATInterarrival Time (of messages at a queue)
IATImplicit Attitude Test
IATInstitute of Armament Technology (Pune, India)
IATIt's A Trap! (website, Admiral Ackbar)
IATI Am Terrified (band)
IATIndividual Average Transaction (accounting)
IATIncome After Tax
IATIndividual Aircraft Tracking
IATInvestment Analysis Team
IATInter-Agency Transfer
IATIntegrated Access Terminal
IATIndicated Air Temperature
IATInternal Active Audit
IATInternet Access Time
IATIntegrated Avionics Trainer
IATIosa Auditor Training
IATInfrastructure Assessment Team
IATInformation Arts &Technology
IATInitial Acceptance Test
IATImage Auto-Tracker
IATInitial Acceptance Testing
IATInter-Active Telecommunications
IATIntelligent AFTN Terminal (aviation)
IATInstituto de Ensino e Investigação em Audiovisuais e Tecnologias de Comunicação (Portugal)
IATInternational Aerospace Technology
IATIntegration and Test Charge-Back System
IATInteroperative Autotransfusion
IATInter-Application Testing (Sprint)
IATInternal Acceptance Test
IATImage Auto/Automatic Track (military helicopter)
IATInteroperability Assessment Tool
IATIP Access Trunk
IATICEA Approved Trainer
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Implicit Priming Test is a subset of IRT approach (Implicit Reaction Time) that combines elements of the Semantic Priming Task and the Implicit Association Test.
The most frequently used method to assess IAC was the Implicit Association Test (Table 2), which was employed in slightly over half of the articles.
In order to assess participants' implicit associations in relation to food waste, a Single Category Implicit Association Test (SC-IAT) was administered.
Trait anxiety among undergraduates according to the Implicit Association Test.
8) Tanya Kateri Hernandez, One Path for "Post-Racial" Employment Discrimination Cases--The Implicit Association Test Research as Social Framework Evidence, 32 L.
The agency will host the Brave Your Bias challenge outside of Time Center Hall, the main hub for Advertising Week, and invite delegates and attendees to take the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT), a proven product in investigating implicit social cognition and uncovering personal bias.
Psychologists and other specialists from Europe and the US provide researcher and developer perspectives on specific modes of assessment, including the Implicit Association Test, narrative content coding, performance-based assessment using the Rorschach Inkblot Method, and a model of moderated convergence between direct, indirect, and behavioral measures of personality traits; specific measures, including the measurement of implicit motives using the Picture Story Exercise and the Operant Motive Test, the assessment of affect and attitudes, and objective personality tests; and applications to health psychology, forensics, consumer psychology, and behavior observation.
Thus, the present study adopts a technique known as Implicit Association Test (IAT) as means of gathering information concerning individuals' attitudes toward sexual differences (Greenwald, McGhee & Schwartz, 1998).
The Implicit Association Test (IAT) tool, developed by Harvard as part of Project Implicit, explores thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness to help individuals identify and address any unconscious bias.
Business in the Community partnered with the University of Manchester's Centre on Dynamic of Equality to analyse the data from Project Implicit's Implicit Association Test for race bias.