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IMEXImport and Export
IMEXImaginary Macromedia Exchange
IMEXImport Export Business Exchange
IMEXIndustrial Materials Exchange
IMEXWorldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events
IMEXInternational Monetary Exchange, Inc.
IMEXImagery Exploitation (US DoD)
IMEXInternational Medical Educators Exchange (Canada)
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This New South Dock (it was its official name), round which my earlier professional memories are centred, belongs to the group of West India Docks, together with two smaller and much older basins called Import and Export respectively, both with the greatness of their trade departed from them already.
The growth rate of the import and export of trade in services hit a record high in eight years.
The growth of service import and export was higher than that of the worlds major economies.
The import and export of the knowledge-intensive services reached 1695.21 billion yuan, up 20.7%, 9.2 percentage points higher than the overall growth, taking up 32.4% of the total, 2.5 percentage points higher than that of last year.
The areas of service trade were relatively concentrated, and the scale of import and export in the eastern region continued to expand.
Consequently, piecing together the molecules behind nuclear import and export could provide insight into how eukaryotes achieved that major evolutionary step.
In using connectors, keep in mind that sometimes people mean "or" when they say "and." For example, a search request might state Canadian import AND export, but the researcher might only want information on Canadian import; thus, the connector should have been OR.(11) In addition, the use of NOT can also be important.
These developments have important implications for the analysis of movements in overall import and export volumes and price indexes (as noted above).
In January-August of 2018, Chinas import and export of services maintained a rapid growth.
The total amount of import and export of emerging services exceeded 1 trillion, with the growth rate higher than the overall one.
However, the increased import and export opportunities have exposed more companies to customs penalties.
Customs Service expects all importers to adopt management systems that ensure import and export compliance is a priority.