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IMPRESSARIOIntegrated Multiple Platform for Remote-Sensing Simulation and Real-Time Interactive Operation
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Pond had been the American promoter for Arnold's lecture tour of the United States in 1883-84 (Honan 394) when the English impressario Richard D'Oyly Carte had served as Arnold's manager-in-chief; and in spite of the fact that the tour was viewed as something of a disappointment by all concerned, it would appear from Arnold's letter to Pond that Pond was interested in undertaking sole management himself of another tour by Arnold.
The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network was co-founded in 2001 by hip-hop impressario Russell Simmons and Dr.
For the Blue Peter presenter turned established actor, the new production backed by theatre impressario Bill Kenwright, is a cleverly worked take on Herriot's vivid stories of working as a vet in an area that is far from a rural idyll.
a more leader The Coventry-born media pundit first made his mark as a playwright, then as the impressario of Tic Toc in Hillfields - the forerunner of today's Kasbah - morphed into a TalkSport shock-jock, became a hard-hitting Sun columnist and TV media commentator, and more recently set up his own PR company which advises police federations.
HOT PROPERTY: Comedy impressario Spiky Mike and left, top comic Michael McIntyre.
I have played at the Eisteddfod a long time ago and I certainly know what to expect, it's a massive event in a beautiful setting," said Julian, brother of theatre impressario Andrew.
During her time on the reality TV show Lucie caught the eye of theatre impressario Sir Cameron McIntosh and landed one of the lead roles in his West End show, Les Miserables where she has been performing ever since.
The judge, 51, has got them in the same studios with Red One - the impressario behind Lady Gaga.
The South Shields MP used his account on the social networking site Twitter to congratulate local lad Joe about his success on the X-Factor, created by pop impressario Cowell.
How else do you explain Trish Walsh Smith, affronted wife of theatre impressario Phil, who amid an acrimonious divorce made a YouTube video detailing his penchant for porn mags and Viagra.
English (a genuine American) is a pocket rocket of musical theatricality and knowing humour who commands the stage, in the face of staff competition from some talented support, as Max, the desperate impressario trying to defraud the IRS by staging a flop show.
LANCASTER -- Antelope Valley College's Theatre Arts Department will present "Barnum," a musical about impressario P.