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IPPVImpulse Pay per View
IPPVIntermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation
IPPVImpulse Pay-Per-View
IPPVInteractive Pay Per View
IPPVInvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation
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Pay-per-view access is available now and video-on-demand -- Impulse Pay Per View -- will come later, Pardo says.
Mr Prebble said: 'Two years from launch, we've transformed ONdigital from simply the easiest way to receive multi-channel television into the most interactive TV platform, offering a wide variety of services, from pay-TV and impulse pay per view to Internet access through the TV.'
Joseph Cablevision is a newly rebuilt, state of the art cable system offering impulse pay per view, premium multiplexed packages and now Internet, e-mail and CD-ROM games.