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IMRAIrish Mountain Running Association (Ireland)
IMRAIndependent Media Review and Analysis (Israel)
IMRAIrish Mountain Rescue Association
IMRAInternational Mass Retail Association, Inc.
IMRAIndustrial Marketing Research Association
IMRAIndustrial Manufacturers' Representatives Association
IMRAInfrared Monochromatic Radiation (NASA)
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IMRA has been doing charity work in different cities/villages in Pakistan holding free medical camps, Mastoid Surgery and Cochlear Implant Surgery free of cost for poor patients.
This implant will be done with the help of International Medical Relief Agency (IMRA) England and first procedure will be performed in December 2012.
Organized by the International Management Research Academy (IMRA), a global academy dedicated to the continuous and effective development of management theory and practice, the conference will focus on the new dynamism required to managing successful and sustainable organizations in the ever-changing and rapidly growing emerging markets.
has prevailed in a patent lawsuit in Michigan, with a jury ruling that the company is not infringing on IMRA America Inc.
IPG Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ:IPGP), a supplier of high-power fibre lasers and amplifiers, said on Thursday that it has won a court ruling that the company does not infringe on IMRA America's patent number 5,818,630.
LTC sales were 30% lower in the first half of 2009 than in the same period the year before, and, except for a 3% increase in 2007, LTC sales fell every year since 2002, according to I IMRA.
ICON plc (NASDAQ:ICLR), a provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, reported on Thursday that the company has introduced the ICOLabs Medical Review Application (IMRA) to help expedite the medical management of study subjects.
For the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and our predecessor organization, the International Mass Retail Association (IMRA), Vince Burke has played the important roles of trusted advisor and friend.
IMRA, the Independent Media Review Analysis, is sponsoring a contest to make a movie addressing the security ramifications of leaving the Golan.
Industrial microbiological risk assessment (IMRA) offers a route to improved food safety.
The contract which X8 wanted Mr Stretford to sign would have paid a cut of Rooney's earnings to mystery company IMRA.