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IHOInternational Hydrographic Organization
IHOIn Honor Of
IHOImpartial Hearing Officer
IHOInstitute of Human Origins (Arizona State University)
IHOImperial Hotel, Osaka (Osaka, Japan)
IHOIntermediate Home Office (various organizations)
IHOIntegrated Health Care Organization
IHOImpeded Harmonic Oscillation
IHOInorganic Halogen Oxidizer
IHOIndustrieverband Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz Für Industrielle und Institutionelle Anwendung eV (German industrial union of hygiene and surface protection for industrial and institutional application)
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The problem probably goes back to the French Revolution, whose bourgeois leaders sought to stamp out popular festivities--with all their drunkenness, gluttony, and supposedly lewd behavior--and replace them with carefully orchestrated ceremonies in honor of "Reason" or "the Supreme Being.