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IROIn Receipt Of
IROInternational Relations Office
IROIndependent Review Organization (insurance industry)
IROInternational Ragnarok Online (gaming)
IROIn Respect Of
IROInternational Refugee Organization
IROIndividuele Reintegratie Overeenkomst (Dutch: Individual Reintegration Agreement; unemployment benefits)
IROInland Revenue Ordinance
IROInvestor Relations Officer
IROInformation Resource Officer (US Department of State)
IROIndustrial Relations Ordinance (Pakistan)
IROIron Rock Off Road, Inc (Shakopee, MN)
IROInternationale Rettungshunde Organisation (German: International Rescue Dog Organisation)
IROInternational Rescue Dog Organisation
IROInternational Relief Organization
IROIndian Robotics Olympiad (Bangalore, India)
IROInterim Receiving Order (UK courts)
IROInterest Rate Option
IROIndependent Rental Owners
IROInstitution of Railway Operators (UK)
IROInternal Review Office
IROIndustrial Relations Office
IROIn Region Of
IROInternational Regulatory Outlook (FSA, London, UK)
IROInternational Relief Officer (airlines)
IROIndependent Research Organization
IROUnited Nations International Refugee Organization
IROInstructor Rated Operator
IROIncident Response Operations (NRC)
IROIsolant Rigide Ordinaire (French: Stiff Ordinary Insulation)
IROInvestment Research Outsourcing
IROInsulated Uranium Oxide
IROIndependent Review Officer/Office
IROIstanbul Turist Rehberleri Odasi (Turkey, Istanbul tourist guides union)
IROInternal Replenishment Order (Inventory Control Application Systems)
IROIndian Research Organisation
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The letter traces the development of the legislation as well as TEI's comments and actions in respect of previous drafts of the FIE/ NRT legislation, including meetings with representatives of the Department of Finance.
TEI inquired whether the report released by the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation in respect of various tax shelter transactions undertaken by Enron would influence the substance of either the disclosure regulations or pending tax shelter legislation.
She urged TEI to quickly provide comments and recommendations to the Treasury Department in respect of these proposals.
* The Administration's proposal would add a new penalty in respect of potentially abusive transactions.
There is a critical need for international uniformity in the transfer pricing area, and the Institute encourages the OECD to take a leadership role in establishing fair and consistent policies, especially in respect of the penalty and contemporaneous documentation rules.