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ISOEIn Search of Excellence (Robert Waterman book)
ISOEInformation System on Occupational Exposure
ISOEIndemnité de Suivi et d'Orientation des Élèves (French: Allowance Tracking and Orientation of Students)
ISOEInstitute for Social-Ecological Research (Frankfurt, Germany)
ISOEIrish School of Evangelisation (Dublin, Ireland)
ISOEIntegrated Sequence of Events (spacecraft operations)
ISOEInstitute for the Study of Organizational Effectiveness (Pennsylvania State University)
ISOEIntelligent System Operating Environment
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What seems like an eon ago, Tom Peters catapulted himself onto the national stage by co-authoring In Search of Excellence. Largely a paean to IBM, which at the time was the most powerful company on earth, this highly readable book was unimaginably successful, getting quoted, imitated, and praised everywhere by everybody as soon as it appeared.
Around 1985, everybody in business was in Search of Excellence. Now those same people are all in search of a different buzzword.
The principles outlined by Peters and Waterman in 1982 when In Search of Excellence was published, and by W.
In search of excellence: Lessons from America's best-run companies.
According to Rubin, the challenges facing health care organizations in the future will require a third stage of organizational development, which he entitles the organization in search of excellence.
The organization in search of excellence must successfully complete its evolution through stage two, which means a medical director and a practice administrator serve as partners in the executive function.
Waterman, Jr., In Search of Excellence (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1982), 14.
One potential impact of such an employee-capitalist investment strategy is to help companies create within their workforce a shared sense of values-according to management consultant Tom Peters, the most common element in the corporate culture of those companies "in search of excellence."
In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies' (New York, Harper & Row, 1982) by Thomas J.
Perhaps one of the reasons why In Search of Excellence, published in 1982 (Peters & Waterman), was such a highly popular book was because its authors suggest that some American companies also have lessons about quality to offer--lessons that relate to quality as the customer defines it.
In Search of Excellence. New York, N.Y.: Harper & Row, 1982.