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We think that the role of thymoqunione in improving in vitro embryo production needs further studies to investigate their effects on ultra-structural and physiological attributes of mammalian sperm, oocytes and embryos.
Bovine and buffalo in vitro embryo production using oocytes derived from abattoir ovaries or collected by transvaginal follicle aspiration.
Thus, further studies are recommended on ovarian follicular dynamics of the Boran cow so as to provide this information in order to rapidly optimize capacity of this breed through utilization of in vitro embryo production and ovum pick reproductive technologies.
Camargo LSA, Viana JHM, Sa WF, Ferreira AM, Ramos AA and VR Vale Filho Factors influencing in vitro embryo production.
Blastocyst rate of in vitro embryo production in sheep is affected by season.
Estimates of heterosis for in vitro embryo production using reciprocal crosses in cattle.
In vivo oocyte recovery and in vitro embryo production from bovine oocyte donors treated with progestagen, oestradiol and FSH.
2004; Vajta and Gjerris, 2006), studies of in vitro embryo production in the goat are less prevalent than other food animal species (Cognie et al.
Application of in vitro embryo production using oocytes harvested from prepubertal animals coupled with embryo transfer holds potential for propagation of Boer goat genetics in rural regions of China to enhance rates of genetic progress.
Sperm pretreatment is a common component of in vitro embryo production systems in the goat (Younis et al.
Improvement of an IVM system is a major step of in vitro embryo production procedures, because it does not only affects the maturation rate of oocytes, but also has a role in subsequent embryonic development (Rizos et al.
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