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"Besides our highly advanced call centre equipped with the latest communication gadgets, each of our cars is also similarly fitted with latest in-vehicle equipment so that the potential passengers could be ensured of the availability of taxis at the point of their call in the minimum waiting period," he said.
Research, performed by The George Institute for International Health and the University of Western Australia, indicated that during a driving trip, 72% of drivers will display a lack of concentration, 69% will adjust in-vehicle equipment, 58% are distracted by outside events, objects or people and 40% talk to passengers.
said Thursday the system engineering company will release Monday a type of in-vehicle equipment that automatically captures a video recording of the scene when the car is involved in an accident.
-- In-Vehicle Equipment Integration -- Captured video can be displayed on in-vehicle computers such as Motorola's ruggedized Mobile Workstation, the MW800 or Motorola's ruggedized laptop, the ML900.
A prototype of the in-vehicle equipment is to be tested in the Veneta area in a couple of weeks.
The in-vehicle equipment has a tiny camera which projects what is happening ahead on to a small screen that folds down in front of the driver's eyes similar to that in a fighter cockpit.
The Ministers endorsed the conclusions reached in a report examining the role played by the public authorities in this sphere, studying the various traffic management systems and stressing the road safety problems related to the growing use of in-vehicle equipment.
The integration of in-vehicle equipment enables simplified wiring, leading to easier installation and more convenient operation.
As one of its new businesses, Pioneer, utilizing the knowhow nurtured in the development of in-vehicle equipment, is aiming to introduce a commercial in-vehicle HUD using this projector module into the consumer market during 2012.
We are also very impressed with its reliable LTE connectivity and, because it offers 4-port Gigabit Ethernet, we will be able to support more in-vehicle equipment, such as video cameras and ALPR, bringing the full functionality of our office network to our patrol officers.
equipment such as signs, pay in-vehicle equipment and stores, and operation support equipment such as payment for Vsttrafiks sales agents and Vsttrafik Shops.