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IVUInternational Vegetarian Union
IVUImpuesto Sobre Ventas y Uso (Spanish: Tax on Sales and Use; Puerto Rico)
IVUin Vehicle Unit
IVUIntegrierte Vermeidung und Verminderung der Umweltverschmutzung (German: Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)
IVUIntravenous Urogram (radiology)
IVUIn-Vehicle Unit
IVUInfezione Alle Vie Urinarie (Italian: Urinary Tract Infection)
IVUInternational Volunteers in Urology
IVUGesellschaft für Informatik, Verkehr und Umwelt Mbh (now IVU Traffic Technologies AG)
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In this configuration, GPS and status data are sent from a CDPD modem inside the integrated in-vehicle unit and transmitted via the AT&T digital wireless telecommunications network to a local Internet service provider.
The OrbTrac in-vehicle units' design represents a new trend in AVL technology.
Consumer electronics giants such as Sony, Bosch, Clarion, and Philips worked to design in-vehicle units that expanded their existing in-vehicle entertainment offerings.
Qualcomm provided the in-vehicle units and maintained ongoing service centers to monitor and maintain communications between trucking companies and their fleets.
Now, Japan also seeks to enhance safety, comfort, and the environment through the use of the most appropriate means of traffic management, including signal controls, traffic information to in-vehicle units, priority to public transit vehicles, dynamic route guidance systems, monitoring commercial vehicles, better detour information, and controlling signals to reduce traffic pollution.
These include electronic identity (eID), smart lampposts that can track traffic and collect environmental data, an intelligent transportation system that leverages in-vehicle units, and the use of virtual reality technology for training.
For the participants' enhanced convenience and optimized guidance to charging stations, drivers will be provided with optimal navigation services based on information relating to congestion at the charging stations and transportation information (probe data) from in-vehicle units. Using their smartphones drivers will also be able to access detailed information concerning distance to their nearest charging station, electricity usage volume, etc.
Apart from display panels, a physical model will also be on display at some of the venues to demonstrate the application of "in-vehicle units" for paying tunnel fees and car park fees by remote means.
Savi Mobile Tracking System is an integrated platform that includes specialized software and hardware devices designed specifically for securing and monitoring a wide range of cargo types - ISO containers on road and rail, closed rail wagons and tanker railcars, wet cargo (fuel trucks) and in-vehicle units for vehicle tracking.
Other exhibits include the virtual reality technology adopted in maintenance training for seaport passenger boarding bridges; the e-Channel pre-fetch kiosk, which allows reading of smart identity card information by means of a contactless chip interface; the Post-dispatch Advice System to provide callers with more comprehensive and appropriate advice; the Single E-Lock Scheme for streamlining customs clearance processes; the Health Signs Monitoring System to help protect the safety of persons in custody; a voice recognition chatbot; and in-vehicle units to facilitate traffic management.
Upgrading AI to handle full autonomy will require a combination of cloud-based AI and in-vehicle units.