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The inane Atkinson was still hanging about, humming and poking things with his knobby cane.
Then, only a few pages later, she describes Bessie Smith violently rejecting an embrace from a well-off white lady and makes the rather inane comment, "White manners were on this occasion, I think, more impressive and far less confused, conflicted, and unhappy than black rudeness." At such moments one wishes Douglas had overcome her obvious antipathy to strands of feminist thinking that would have led her to a more sophisticated analysis, one taking account of the interplay of race, gender, and class.
Now we can look forward to Euro 2008 without the inane chatter from English commentators and mentions of the 1966 World Cup - well maybe not, I am sure they will still manage to slip it into any game Germany play.
In Rome's traditional Good Friday Way of the Cross service, the hardline pontiff spoke of the "filth around us" and condemned the spread of an "inane apologia of evil".
But why do some idiots feel the need to join in the performance by shouting out, usually inane, comments to Mr.
That's the context of David Weddle's reverential, spectacularly inane "If They Move .
SHAME on all those who have made cutting jokes and inane word plays about the weirdly coincidental fact that the calorifically-challenged Vanessa Feltz is marrying a bloke from a band called Phats & Small.
After all, it's not easy making a series about women whose lives are superficially glamorous but inherently inane without it being too superficially glamorous but inane.
Inane acts of vandalism, fires, vehicle damage - all carried out with complete impunity.
Perhaps it doesn't matter whether the cartel between the TV corporations and the baseball-basketball-football military-industrial complex ever fully relaxes its long-held resistance to soccer: no fan of the sport wants an Americanized game of stop-and-start, commercial-friendly play bombarded with the heavy statistica artillery of inane commentators.
INANE humour often isn't very funny unless it is extremely inane - in which case it can be funny despite itself.
COUNTDOWN host Richard Whitely is getting more and more annoying with his inane patter.