InGaPIndium Gallium Phosphide
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Este articulo presenta algunos resultados de la tesis de pregrado titulada: "Evaluacion del comportamiento de los frenos de disco de los vehiculos a partir del analisis de la aceleracion del proceso de corrosion" desarrollada en el grupo de investigacion INGAP, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, Ocana, Colombia.
Docente tiempo completo del departamento de Ingenieria Mecanica y director del Grupo de Investigacion INGAP. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocana, Colombia, Contacto:
Barlow et al., "Cloning and sequencing of the pancreatic islet neogenesis associated protein (INGAP) gene and its expression in islet neogenesis in hamsters," The Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol.
The MGF3021AM InGaP HBT features high gain characteristics, while the MGF3022AM has high power characteristics.
Also shown was the HMC535LP4 InGaP HBT phase-locked oscillator MMIC for VSAT subscriber equipment.
Developed using ANADIGICS' advanced InGaP HBT technology, the AWT6108 quad-band power amplifier is packaged in an industry standard 7mm X 10mm module and delivers state-of-the-art performance, reliability, and temperature stability for GSM/GPRS handsets.
"PDAs are becoming an increasingly significant end-use application, and our expertise in InGaP HBT technology positions us to capture share in this exciting market."
P&G could eventually obtain commercial rights to Ingap Peptide, a drug that the Florida-based biotechnology firm says will combat both major types of diabetes.
It is the first in a new family of 3V, InGaP (indium gallium phosphide), heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) power amplifiers designed for GSM, TDMA, CDMA, and 3G wireless.
Sarkar, "A wide band gap In0.5(Al0.7Ga0.3)0.5P back surface field layer increases 6% more efficiency in DLAR dual junction InGaP solar cell," in 2016 International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability (ICEETS), Nagercoil, India, 2016.
NXP Semiconductors today introduced the MMZ25332B4 InGaP HBT linear amplifier.