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INSBInternational Naval Surveys Bureau
INSBIndium Antimony (microwave integrated circuit)
INSBInternational Nursery School Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
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The Ultra 8500 comprises a three to five-[mu], 320 X 240-pixel InSb focal plane array thermal imager, charge-coupled device day camera, an autotracker, a continuous zoom facility, three preset fields of view and a Class IIIb diode laser pointer.
The fluorescence spectra and lifetime were obtained with a FLS980 time-resolved fluorimeter with grating blazed at 1820 nm and detected using a Hamamatsu InSb. Measuring of fluorescence spectra was performed under pumping at 808 nm with a CW laser operation.
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The first of them is essential when the gap A between the valence and conduction bands is small and the mixing of these two bands is essential such as in InAs ([DELTA] ~ 0.4 eV) or InSb ([DELTA] ~ 0.5 eV), while the tunneling becomes essential when the barrier height injunctions and the layer thickness are relatively small.
Among other semiconductors, the intrinsic binary InSb possesses the highest electron mobility (~7.8 x [10.sup.4][cm.sup.2]/V*s), higher breakdown field (~103V/cm), high saturated electron drift velocity (~5 x [10.sup.7]cm/s), small effective mass (m* ~0.013 mo), lowest energy band gap [E.sub.g] ~0.18eV (at 300 K), and ballistic length up to ~0.7 [micro]m (at 300 K).