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The paroxysmal nature of the arrhythmia and a positive response to atropine and vagal maneuvers, as well as identification by electrophysiologic studies, differentiate this condition from inappropriate sinus tachycardia. (9)
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PNI in the context of RFCA has been reported in ablation of pulmonary veins (mostly right but also left) and ablation of superior vena cava (SVC) [4] and even in inappropriate sinus tachycardia [5].
o- (3-piperidino-2-hydroxy-1-propoyl) nicotinic acid amide oxime active substance with the necessary official dossier for human clinical trial (inappropriate sinus tachycardia).
Ivabradine is undoubtedly a promising attractive substitute for inappropriate sinus tachycardia, stable angina, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases and it has beneficial implications for future clinical utilization4.