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For example, in a recent study that exposed 35 different inbred strains of mice (along with B6C3F1/J mice) to acetaminophen, it was found that some mouse strains are resistant to acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity, whereas other strains sustain upwards of 80% liver necrosis at the same dose level (with B6C3F1 mice falling at the high end of sensitivity) (Harrill et al.
Correlations between receptivity and embryo average when the IUAI was applied to the inbred strain were evaluated with the Chi-square test (p<0.
All of the EL/Suz animals used in our experiments were obtained from an inbred strain, now the F128 generation, and the DDY animals were also from an inbred strain, the F62 generation.
As the demand for this inbred strain increased worldwide, Taconic responded with a licensing agreement that enables Japanese researchers to gain access to the C57BL/6NTae through CLEA, a Japanese distributor that is highly-regarded for breeding and delivering high-quality models," said Todd Little, president and chief executive officer of Taconic.
2]) offspring of two genetically distinct parent inbred strains.
In Graph 2 (next page), notice that tractional improvement was obtained when olfactory or bone-marrow-derived stem cells are used in the inbred strain but not in an outbred strain.
Interval-specific congenic (ISC): Animals generated by crossing animals from two inbred strains and then repeatedly backcrossing offspring carrying a desired DNA segment into one of the parental strains.
Female choice for male-conditioned territories Abpa Subspecies Inbred strain type background a b P-value(*) C3H/HeJ a/a domesticus 23 8 0.
There are three broad types of genetic methods used in rodent studies of alcohol: testing of inbred strains, selective breeding, and the creation and testing of animals with targeted genetic manipulations.
As part of the effort, Little mated brothers to sisters and created the very first inbred strains of mice.
A backcross population is produced by mating two genetically distinct inbred strains to produce the first generation ([F.
Briefly, expression was measured in the liver, kidney, and spleen of male and female (n = 5/sex) inbred mice from 26 inbred strains on the Illumina Sentrix Mouse 6 v1.