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Michael Bloomberg, the mayor, defended the city's clean-up effort, saying the furious pace of the snowfall - two inches to three inches per hour - required crews tosweep streets repeatedly to keep them open.
95 inches per hour (I) based upon a 6-minute time of concentration.
Elsewhere, in the outfall and swale areas, a conservative infiltration rate of two inches per hour was used.
4 inches per hour, good forest land will continue to absorb and store up to 17 inches of rain--more then 400,000 gallons per acre.
The fastest are the speckled garden snails which can move up to 55 yards per hour compared to the 23 inches per hour of most other land snails.
The giant sea kelp - the fastest-growing plant - grows from one to one-and-a-half inches per hour.
A hundred inches of snow fell in upstate New York in the district of Oswego at the rate of three inches per hour.
Using the CC generator to improve machining speed while preserving surface integrity of the machined material, Robofil 640cc allows the cutting speed in tool steel to reach 37 square inches per hour.
The only problem was the rain--falling at a rate of inches per hour, and the fact my post happened to be at the confluence of the runoff from two major streets.
If the shower is excessively heavy, falling at a rate of about 4 inches per hour, it is termed a cloudburst.