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Thompson Pass, located at 2,678 feet above sea level, is the snowiest reporting station in the nation, getting between 600 to 900 inches per year.
In extremely dry climates, such as Phoenix, where rainfall is less than 10 inches per year, rainwater harvesting is not as practical.
With annual snowfalls measuring more than 200 inches per year, snowmobiling is one of the most popular recreational activities on Tug Hill.
For example, Retallack's analysis of soils in Utah's Axhandle Canyon found that rainfall jumped from 16 inches per year to 26 inches a year along with an average temperature increase of almost 10 degrees.
Clumping bamboos have short roots; clumps expand by only a few inches per year.
It will grow approximately a foot a year for the first six years of life and then slow to a growth rate of 23 inches per year.
Still, even under the best conditions, coral reefs grow at only three inches per year.
In some regions, the average rainfall is only 23 inches per year, the majority of it coming during the rainy season called meher, which lasts from May to September.
While rainfall registers about 50 inches per year, growers often have to irrigate their crops during extended drought periods.
Topping it all off, the gradual drying of the lakebed of former Lake Texcoco on which the center was built is causing the oldest city in the Americas to sink at a rate of slightly over two inches per year.
Each newborn is about a foot long and grows several inches per year.