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Geophysicists have long monitored how fast the Earth's plates are moving, and it is known that the entire subcontinent of India is being driven slowly but surely underneath Nepal and Tibet at a speed of around 1.8 inches per year, Stark earlier wrote in an article published on CNN website.
These areas have an average rainfall exceeding 30 inches per year. Yet, the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the United States was in the town of Alvin, Texas, where it rained 4 3 inches in a 24-hour period from July 24 to 25,1979, according to accuweather.com.
The park beachfront is currently eroding at a rate of three to four inches per year.
On average, swordfish grow about 14 inches per year, but there are differences between the sexes.
The thin, dense, Pacific Plate at Alaska's southern edge moves at a shallow angle beneath the North American Plate at average rate of 2.3 inches per year and eventually is reabsorbed by mantle.
It rains from 9-13 inches per year. In short, it's a gardener's nightmare.
During normal growing years, this region receives a large amount of precipitation, ranging from 46 inches per year in northeastern Arkansas to 52 inches per year in southeastern Arkansas (NOAA, 2009).
By combining the two datasets from the decade between 2000 and 2010, Bock and his colleagues found that the city of Venice was subsiding on average of 1 to 2 mm a year (0.04 to 0.08 inches per year).
If current trends continue, say some researchers, this will increase to as much as two inches per year by 2025.
Rainfall averages only 15 inches per year, for example, in the Los Angeles area.