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IPSInter Press Service
IPSIntrusion Prevention System
IPSInvision Power Board (PHP/MySQL message board software)
IPSIndianapolis Public Schools
IPSIn-Plane Switching
IPSIn Plane Switching
IPSInvision Power Services, Inc.
IPSInches Per Second
IPSIntelligent Protection System (Ford)
IPSInstitute for Policy Studies (various organizations)
IPSInvestment Policy Statement
IPSInstitute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (various locations)
IPSInstitute of Policy Studies (various locations)
IPSInductive Proximity Switch (automation technology)
IPSInteracting Particle Systems (probability)
IPSIdentity and Passport Service (UK)
IPSInstitución Prestadora de Salud (Spanish: Health Lending Institution; Colombia)
IPSInformation Publication Scheme (Australia)
IPSIntegrated Product Support (US DoD)
IPSIntrusion Prevention Software (various companies)
IPSImages per Second (digital video recording)
IPSInstitute for Palestine Studies
IPSInduced Pluripotent Stem Cell
IPSIran Press Service
IPSIntrusion Prevention Service (software)
IPSIndependent Power Systems (various locations)
IPSInstitute for Planetary Synthesis (Switzerland)
IPSIntegrated Power Strake (boats; Minneapolis, MN)
IPSIndian Prosthodontic Society (est. 1972)
IPSInvestment Products and Services
IPSInternet Print Service
IPSIntelligent Protection System
IPSIntegrated Phone Solutions
IPSImage Processing System
IPSIntel Paragon Supercomputer
IPSImages per Second
IPSInternet Protocol Security
IPSInterdisciplinary Project Center for Supercomputing
IPSIterations per Second
IPSIntelligent Protection Switching
IPSIp Storage
IPSIp Services
IPSIndustrial Power System
IPSInverter Power Supply
IPSInternet Protocol Suite
IPSInternational Peace Studies (various schools)
IPSInternational Policy Statement (Canada)
IPSInternational Preparatory School (various locations)
IPSInternational Passenger Survey
IPSIndustrial Process Solutions (Ivyland, PA)
IPSInstitut de Police Scientifique (University of Lausanne; Switzerland)
IPSInstructions Per Second
IPSInternational Property Show (est. 2005)
IPSIndividual Placement and Support
IPSIron Pipe Size
IPSInternational Placement Services (est. 1981)
IPSInstitute of Professional Sound (est. 1977)
IPSInternet Protocol Service (Sprint)
IPSIonospheric Prediction Service (Australian Deptartment of Industry, Science and Resources)
IPSIntensive Probation Supervision (various locations)
IPSInformation Processing System
IPSInsight Public Sector (computer services)
IPSIntegrated Power System (electric drive propulsion)
IPSIndy Pro Series (racing)
IPSIntegrated Planning System (Space Shuttle)
IPSInboard Performance System (Volvo)
IPSInformation Products and Services
IPSIsrael Prison Service
IPSInstituto de Progreso Social (Spanish: Institute for Social Progress)
IPSInteractive Proof System (computational complexity theory)
IPSIndustrial and Provident Society (UK)
IPSInstitute of Professional Studies (Ghana)
IPSInterim Payment System
IPSInternational Partner Search (US DOC)
IPSInstitute of Pastoral Studies
IPSIntroductory Physical Science
IPSInfluent Pump Station (wastewater treatment)
IPSInternational Palm Society
IPSInnovative Photonic Solutions (New Jersey)
IPSInternational Pyrotechnics Society (est. 1980)
IPSIndividual Program of Study (various schools)
IPSInkjet Printing Solutions
IPSIrish Political Studies (journal; Taylor & Francis)
IPSIllinois Public Schools
IPSIntegrated Payment Solutions (various locations)
IPSIdeal Performance State (Toughness Training for Life)
IPSIn Place Select (widget)
IPSIntegrated People Solutions (employment agency)
IPSInjury Prevention Specialist ( safety)
IPSInternational Production Services (various locations)
IPSIngram Publisher Services, Inc. (Chambersburg, PA)
IPSInstrument Pointing System
IPSIndian Police Services (India)
IPSIncentive Pay System (various businesses)
IPSImmigration and Passport Service (UK)
IPSIntegrated Production Systems, Inc. (Grand Prairie, TX)
IPSInPlane Switching (LCD displays)
IPSIsolated Power Supply
IPSInformation Protection Services (security management)
IPSInstitute of Public Safety
IPSIntergraph Public Safety
IPSInstitute of Political Studies
IPSInventive Problem Solving
IPSIce Protection System (aerospace engines)
IPSIntegrated Program Summary
IPSInstitute of Purchasing and Supply
IPSInstant Power Supply
IPSIntelligent Protection Switching (Cisco)
IPSInterim Policy Statement
IPSInternet Provider Service(s)
IPSIntegrated Prenatal Screening
IPSIntegrated Process Control
IPSIntegrated Propulsion System
IPSImproved Plow Steel
IPSInternet Publishing System
IPSIntelligent Power System
IPSInternational Parrotlet Society
IPSInternational Payments Summit (trade show)
IPSIntegrated Payment Systems, Inc.
IPSInlet Particle Separator
IPSIntegrated Premises Services (Australia)
IPSInteroperability Planning System (US DoD)
IPSIron Pipe Standard (pipe thread specification)
IPSIthaca Public Schools (Ithaca, MI)
IPSInnovative Payment Solutions LLC (Sanford, ME)
IPSImpulses per Second (neuroscience)
IPSInductive Plasma Source
IPSInstitute for Political Studies
IPSIntegrated Protection System
IPSIndustrial Productivity Services (various organizations)
IPSInvoice Processing System
IPSInternational Philosophical Seminar (Italy)
IPSInternational Parcel Service (King of Queens)
IPSInternational Paperweight Society
IPSIraqi Police Services
IPSInternational Personnel System
IPSInner Product Space
IPSIntegrated Procurement System
IPSInternet PrimeNet Server (parallel technology for the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, GIMPS)
IPSIntegrated Personnel System
IPSImage Processing Section (biomedical imaging)
IPSIrish Philatelic Society (stamps)
IPSIowa Public Service
IPSImportant pour la Sûreté (French: Important for Security)
IPSIntegrated Publishing System
IPSIPDS Printer Series (Xerox printer family for the IBM IPDS data stream)
IPSIntegrated Project Schedule
IPSInternet Provider Security (Tag)
IPSInternational Pipe Standard
IPSIndefinite Period of Service (Canadian Forces)
IPSInterruptions Per Second
IPSInstallation Performance Specification
IPSImplementation Planning Study (project management)
IPSInertial Positioning System
IPSInternational Programs Security
IPSIn-Plant Store
IPSIntegrated Plant System
IPSIllustrative Planning Scenario
IPSInformation Presentation System
IPSInteractive Product Simulation
IPSInternal Pipe Size (internal diameter of a pipe)
IPSInternational Planetarium Society, Inc.
IPSIntermittent Positive Control (NASA)
IPSInfinity Pro Sports (College Station, TX)
IPSIntegrated Provisioning System
IPSInstitute for Physical Sciences
IPSInclined Plate Settler (waste treatment)
IPSInput Processing System
IPSIndividual Pension System
IPSIn-Plant Support (US Postal Service)
IPSInteractive Products and Services (various companies)
IPSImage Printing Systems (Milwaukee, WI)
IPSInternet Protocol Storage Working Group (IETF)
IPSInstrumented Protection System (electronic safety system used for processing unit protection)
IPSInstrument Performance Specification
IPSIntegrated Promotional Services
IPSIndividuals, Professionals and Small Enterprises
IPSInteraction Pattern Specification
IPSImage Position Switching
IPSInternal Product Specification
IPSIntegrative Problem-Solving
IPSIsotope Power System
IPSIntelligent Positioning System (radiology)
IPSInstitute of Procuratorial Science (Vietnam)
IPSInstitute for Public Servants (South Africa; workers' union)
IPSInterpretive Programming System
IPSIxplus Production Support (MCI billing program)
IPSIranian Petroleum Standard (engineering)
IPSIP over SNA Snackets
IPSIndependent Poster Sales
IPSIntegrated Program Study
IPSInitial Preferred Schedule
IPSIncident Prevention System (SAP R/3 add-on SafetySuite)
IPSInformation and Planning Section (US FEMA)
IPSIntegrated Projector System
IPSIntelligent Pigging Survey (oil and gas pipelines)
IPSInstallation Protection System (IEC laser standard)
IPSIntegrated Personnel Support
IPSImproved Processing System
IPSInformation/Image Processing Subsystem
IPSIntegrated Packaged Systems (Indianapolis, IN)
IPSInstruction and Public Service (University of Missouri)
IPSImproved Pesticide Spray
IPSIntegrated Program System
IPSInstitute of Professional Screenwriting
IPSIndependent Product Specialist
IPSImagery Policy Series
IPSInstitute of Pharmacology of Sherbrooke (Canada)
IPSItem/Product Specialist
IPSInterface and Power Subsystem
IPSInverse Positioning System
IPSInstallation Processing System
IPSImage Print Services
IPSInterface Problem Sheet
IPSIntegrated Photonic Subsystems
IPSInfrastructure Procurement Solutions (various organizations)
IPSInstant Phone Service (telecommunications)
IPSInterface Performance Specification
IPSIdeal Party Store (Bay City, MI)
IPSInstituto de Pesquisas Em Software (Portuguese: Institute for Research in Software; Brazil)
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I'd rather be able to inject at 22 inches per second and end up at 10 or 15 inches per second and have great parts.
The results were similar in the United States: Men in their first marriage walked about an inch per second faster than never-married men and three inches per second faster than widowed men.
One will generally see a velocity measuring device, transmitting in inches per second, mounted to the block of a reciprocating compressor.
One night I was by myself and played the notes at half speed but an octave lower on the piano, recording at 15 inches per second. When I ran the tape back at 30 inches per second, the notes were at the right speed and in the correct octave."
Unlike traditional hard core doors, these new doors roll upwards (rather than sliding sideways) and have extremely fast cycle times, with some moving as rapidly as 100 inches per second. Developed to meet USDA, FDA and GMP standards, they are made of smooth polypropylene, a material that provides higher resistance to acids and bases and a lower water absorption rate than vinyls and urethanes.
Other highlights include a viewing window for label stock levels, built in "pizza-wheel" cutter and print speeds of up to 6 inches per second. LX2000 sells for $3,695 MSRP.
Cincinnati's gantries can operate at 200 inches per second, and researchers were tasked with developing an extruder capable of pushing large volume of materials precisely.
Using the fingertip control switch, operators can position loads at any height--from 4.5 to 53 inches--at speeds up to 4.75 inches per second. Lift controls are conveniently mounted on the push/steer handle and can be accessed when transporting loads.
Soon after, the rocks began to move ever so slowly--at only a few inches per second.
19 -- Asus's gaming division, Republic of Gamers, has launched its new gaming mouse, Gladius, with a two-level in-game DPI switch, two ergonomic slide-to-press side switches, and a 6400 dots per inch (DPI) optical sensor that tracks up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.
Claimed to be the fastest gaming mouse ever made, The Hyperion Fury features Logitech's exclusive Fusion Engine sensor technology that can reportedly, reliably track over 500 inches per second (IPS) and Logitech's exclusive Delta Zero sensor technology for unrivalled accuracy.