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ITPInteractive Telecommunications Program (New York University)
ITPIdiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
ITPImmune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (blood disorder)
ITPIn This Picture
ITPInside the Park (baseball)
ITPInstitute of Transpersonal Psychology
ITPIndustria de Turbo Propulsores (Spanish aeronautical company)
ITPIndividual Transition Plan
ITPInspectia Tehnica Periodica (Romanian: Technical Inspection)
ITPInstituto Tecnologico Pesquero (Spanish: Institute of Fisheries Technology; Peru)
ITPInternational Trade Policy
ITPIndividual Treatment Plan
ITPIncidental Take Permit
ITPIndustrial Technologies Program (US Department of Energy)
ITPInformation Technology Professional
ITPIntent to Package (computing)
ITPInstruction to Proceed
ITPi tym podobne (Polish: and the like)
ITPIntroduction to Programming (course)
ITPIndividual Training Plan
ITPInternational Tourism Partnership (hotels)
ITPIt Programmer
ITPInternet Protocol
ITPin Target Probe
ITPIp Transfer Point
ITPInstitute for Theoretical Physics
ITPInside the Perimeter
ITPIdentity Theft Protection (software)
ITPInstitutional Testing Program (Educational Testing Service)
ITPIntegral Transformative Practice (ITP International)
ITPInternational Training Program
ITPIn-Tank Precipitation (nuclear waste)
ITPInside the Pentagon (publication)
ITPIndividual Training Program
ITPIvory Tower Project (band)
ITPInstitut Technique du Porc (France)
ITPInformation Technology Practices
ITPInteractive Theorem Proving
ITPInternational Third Position (UK)
ITPInitial Training Period (various locations)
ITPIndependent Transmission Provider (electric power)
ITPInfant and Toddler Program (various locations)
ITPIrish Takeover Panel (tax)
ITPInvestigator Training Program (various organizations)
ITPIntensive Training Program
ITPImmunology Training Program (various organizations)
ITPIntrathoracic Pressure
ITPInosine 5'-Triphosphate
ITPIslamic Training Programme (Muslim Congress)
ITPInspection Test Plan
ITPInsegnante Tecnico Pratico (Italian)
ITPInteractive Testing in Psychiatry
ITPIntergovernmental Transfer Program (various locations)
ITPIn-Target Probe
ITPIntegrated Test Plan
ITPInformator Turystyczno Przyrodniczy (Polish: Natural Tourist Information)
ITPInternational Thompson Publishing (publishing company)
ITPInternational Thomson Publishing Company
ITPintention to proceed
ITPInspection & Test Plan
ITPImproved Transmission Performance
ITPInternational Time Programme
ITPInsurance Transparency Project (blog)
ITPInternationally Trained Professional (Canada)
ITPInteroperability Test Panel
ITPInnovative Technologies in Print (Elizabethtown, PA)
ITPIndex of Technical Publications
ITPIntegrated Test Program
ITPInternational Thyroid Project
ITPISHM Testbed and Prototypes
ITPIntegrated Terminal Program
ITPIwmi - Tata Program
ITPInduction Thermal Plasma
ITPIncrement Training Plan
ITPInternet Technique Provider
ITPInstallation Transition Processing
ITPInsane Taco Plan (gaming clan)
ITPInstrumental Teaching Provision (WMBC)
ITPInternal Transfer Price
ITPInitial Trials Phase
ITPInterface Test Program
ITPInvitation to Propose
ITPImplementation Training Package
ITPIntegrated Test Package
ITPIndividual Training Proposal
ITPInkjet Technology Platforms
ITPIML (Information Markup Language) Transport Protocol (for Simputer)
ITPInteroperability Test Program
ITPIntegrated Transport Platform
ITPInitial Target Profit (government contracting)
ITPInstructional Technology Project (various locations)
ITPInterruption to Production (productivity analysis)
ITPIPv6 Transition Plan
ITPItalian Tolkien Page
ITPInspection Test Procedure
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where it actually kills." (246) The Maine incidental take permit
expressly provide for an incidental take permit, but the agency director
If the Service finds an HCP meets the specified criteria, it issues an incidental take permit. This allows the permit holder to proceed with an activity that could otherwise result in the unlawful take of a listed species
In addition, the Pombo bill exempts habitat conservation plans and associated incidental take permits from section 7 consultation.
In 1982, Congress amended the ESA to create "incidental take permits" that allow landowners to take a species in some circumstances.
incidental take permit for a proposed underwater Navy explosives program
The ESA provides a vehicle by which a law-abiding landowner can develop some of his or her habitat: a [subsections] 10 incidental take permit. A [subsections] 10 permit typically grants a limited privilege to develop.(26)
The Wisconsin DNR was issued an incidental take permit for the butterfly during the HCP signing ceremony.
At this point, if the permittee is concerned about a potential taking, it may apply for a section 10 incidental take permit.
An incidental take permit allows a property owner to conduct otherwise lawful activities in the presence of listed species.
Section 10(a) of the Act allows the Secretary of the Interior to permit a taking otherwise prohibited by Section 9 "if such taking is incidental to, and not the purpose of, the carrying out of an otherwise lawful activity."(15) To receive such an "incidental take permit," an applicant must submit a plan specifying the likely environmental impacts of the taking, steps the applicant will take to minimize and mitigate the impacts (and the funding available to implement these steps), alternatives to the taking and reasons why they are not being used, and any other measures the Secretary may require as necessary and appropriate to the plan.(16) Such plans are known as habitat conservation plans (HCPs).
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) contacted officials of Volusia County in June 1992, encouraging them to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and apply for an incidental take permit for sea turtles.