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IBIkonboard (web forum software)
IBInternational Baccalaureate
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IBIberia (Spanish airlines)
IBInteractive Brokers LLC
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IBInfiniBand (I/O specification, formerly called System I/O)
IBInternet Business
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IBInterface Builder (Apple Computers)
IBIn Bond
IBIn Band
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IBInternational Bureau (FCC)
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IBIbidem (Latin: In the Same Place; IBID is more common)
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IBIncline Bench (weight lifting)
IBIncendiary Bomb
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IBIndicator Bit (ITU-T)
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IBIncest Baby
IBIndustrial Brownhoist
IBIntegrated Battlefield
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IBIntegration Backbone
IBInternational Bacheloriate
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IBDirectie Internationaal Beleid (Dutch: direction for international politics)
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INCLINE FLYS: Lie on an incline bench raised to 45 degrees.
To get his James Bond body, Daniel Craig put himself through a tough fitness routine, including the incline bench press, inset; Wesley Doyle believes it's possible for any man to get Daniel's shape
The facilities include two squat racks, two flat benches, two dead-lift areas demarked by four-foot by eight-foot mats, two power clean areas demarked by four-foot by eight-foot mats, a peck deck scavenged from the high school, an incline bench, a dumbbell rack, and a leg-extension machine.
We've spent more than four years designing the Incline Bench Toning Set to meet the needs of today's women," explains Donna Savage, president of Fitness EM.
Replace bench presses with incline bench presses, at least for the time being.
Incline Press -- using an incline bench (you can use varying inclines from 30-45 degrees), press the bar from the upper chest in a path directly up over the shoulders.
Scoggins tones abdominals with a barrage of 40 sit-ups on an incline bench and 40 crunches on the floor.
equipments:-Commercial Treadmill, Commercial Elliptical Trainer, Smith Machine, Cable Cross, sover,Anti Burst Gym Ball , Rubber Medicine Ball,Olympic Flat Bench , Olympic Incline Bench Press, Olympic Decline Bench Press ,Flat Bench
Commercial Elliptical Trainer (7), Smith Machine (2), Cable Cross, sover (1), Anti Burst Gym Ball (10), Rubber Medicine Ball (10), Olympic Flat Bench (3), Olympic Incline Bench Press (1), Olympic Decline Bench Press (1), Flat Bench (5), Utility Bench (6), Commercial Recumbent Bike (6), Commercial Vibrator (6), Abdominal Crunch (6), Leg Press (2), Leg Extension/Leg Curl (2), Commercial Fluid Rower (2), Yoga Foam Roller (5), Double Exercise Wheel (5), Solid Dumbbells (Every 2), Functional Trainer (2), Arm Curl (2), Butterfly (2)
Other lifts include the deadlift, incline bench, hip and leg press, and the push jerk/press.
01 no 2- spine bike KH-150- 01no, 3- ab conditioner board - 01 no 4- incline bench 2 inch x 2 inch pipe olympic - 01 no, 5- Flat bench 2 inch x 2 inch pipe olympic - 01 no, 6- decline 2 inch x 2 inch pipe Olympic - 01 no, 7- Dumbbell stand 2 inch x 2 inch pipe - 01 no, 8- plate tree stand - 01 no, 9- ab king pro commercial - 01 no, 10- steel dumbbells 1 kg to 25 kg - 175 kgs 11- steel plates 1 kg to 20 kg - 100 kgs, 12- barbell rods 5 ft, 6ft, 7ft, x 01 nos- 18 ft 13- barbell rod curl 3ft - 3ft
Tenders are invited for Supplying & Erecting Of Gym Equipments Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, Standing Twister,.