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I/OIndustrial/Organizational (psychology)
I/OInstead Of
I/OIn Out
I/OInterest Only
I/OInboard/Outboard (engine inboard, drive unit outboard)
I/OInsertion Order
I/OInstrument Operator (land surveying)
I/OIdiot Operator (as in an I/O error) :-)
I/OIncome/Outcome (game)
I/OInnie/Outtie (belly button)
I/OInformation Operations Division (Army Software Engineering Center)
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The company offers Income/Outcome business simulations, which are essentially facilitator-led workshops built around a board game business simulation that has been tailored to the needs of the audience.
* setting the modular gantry robot's characteristic end-point as origin of the end-effector's coordinate system [O.sub.E]([0.sub.E], [0.sub.E], [0.sub.E]), considering modular gantry robot's orientation system's end-point [O.sub.O]([0.sub.O],[0.sub.O],[0.sub.O]) as well as specific transformation values for reporting the origin of [O.sub.E] system versus [O.sub.O] and OR reference systems (accordingly end-effector's respectively gantry robot's configuration); setting the origin point of each income/outcome modular conveyor's coordinate system [O.sub.C1i/j]( [O.sub.C1i/j], [O.sub.C1i/j], [O.sub.C1i/j]) respectively [O.sub.C2i/j]([O.sub.C2i/j], [O.sub.C2i/j], [O.sub.C2i/j]) as well as specific transformation values for reporting [O.sub.C1i/j] / [O.sub.C2i/j] versus OA reference system;