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Mortgage type loans offer a fixed repayment over a set time period while income contingent loans offer a repayment system which varies according to the individual's future income.
2004), "The Applicability of Income Contingent Loans in Developing and Transitional Countries," Journal of Educational Planning and Administration 18(2): 159-174.
6) Income contingent loans are sometimes called human capital contracts.
In the United States, income contingent loans were introduced as part of the Direct Stafford loan programme in 1993.
These concerns are important to the details of policy implementation, but they do not seem to have been sufficient to prevent the extension and spread of income contingent loans in other countries.
1 indicates how income contingent loans have been implemented in four illustrative countries: Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Part of the agenda accompanying an income contingent loan scheme is the gradual withdrawal of government accountability and responsibility for many aspects of higher education.
By their very nature, income contingent loan repayment plans favour graduates with high incomes, who are able to pay off their debts at a relatively fast rate, accumulating minimal interest.
Graduate taxes are, from a technical perspective, a variation of Income Contingent Loans (ICLs) where a graduate, in return for government subsidised TLE, is required to pay an "income surtax" which will generally last for the remainder of his or her income earning lifetime (Johnstone 2004).
Income Contingent Loans for Higher Education: International Reform.
Bruce Chapman (2004) promotes retrospective income smoothing through income contingent loans, the principle underlying the HECS scheme, where a loan is repayable only when a person's income reaches a certain level.
At one stage Chapman proposed income contingent loans for maternity leave (ABC 2002) which would mean that an individual woman should bear the costs of lost earnings, if her income subsequently returns to a higher than average level.