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In Section 3, we examine the effect of changes in income endowment on behavioral change from risk avoidance to risk taking.
We then examine how such an optimal decision would be affected by alternative types of risk preferences and the fairness/unfairness of market insurance terms when income endowment changes.
Based on the framework of state preferences, any variation in endowed incomes can geometrically be shown by a movement away from an initial income endowment point.
Consider changes in income endowment from point [E.sup.a] to another point such as [E.sup.b].
But if the equilibrium IC locus is strictly concave on [I.sub.1] or convex on [I.sub.0] as the one shown in Diagram 1, the IC locus eventually intersects the 45[degrees] EL from below at a critically high level of income endowment. Consequently, the amount of insurance purchased reduces to zero.
PROPOSITION 2: For a CRRA individual faced with an actuarially unfair market insurance term, an increase in income endowment with no change in prospective losses lowers the individual's demand for insurance.
"And come to think of it, let's have Income Endowment and Fuel Endowment and Value Added Endowment and everything."
In order to evaluate the effect of a change in the income endowment ([I.sup.E] on the demand for insurance ([s.sup.*]), we need to note two things.
The price at which the amount of insurance demanded would be zero ([pi.sup.0]), the price intercept of the demand curve, is defined implicitly in the FOC (equation (5)) when the right-hand side is evaluated at the initial income endowments:
(1) A point on this figure is to be interpreted as a municipality that has landfill and income endowments (s, I).
As in Figures 1 and 2, a point on this figure is interpreted as a municipality that has landfill and income endowments (s, I).
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