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INBIncremental Net Benefit
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For instance, the value of adding the North Sea Link is equal to the incremental net benefit of going from portfolio (0,1,1) to (1,1,1).
The cost-effectiveness acceptability curve (CEAC) was derived by plotting the incremental net benefit (INB) for 5,000 Monte Carlo simulations for each of a range of willingness to pay per QALY (Can$).
The application of the net benefit investment ratio (NBIR) as an input to project prioritization and the application of the incremental net benefit investment ratio (INBIR) to mutually exclusive project selection measured against the NBIR of the marginal project are proposed alternatives to remedy these problems.
In the option analysis stage, the [NBIR.sub.MP] should be compared to the incremental net benefit investment ratio (INBIR).
Joesch performed a secondary analysis of this trial to determine whether the incremental net benefit of CALM--compared with usual care - was worthwhile, given the incremental clinical benefit and incremental health care use costs.
In this paper we estimate incremental net benefits (INB) by valuing differences in outcomes across the health care programs by [lambda], the willingness to pay for a QALY gained.
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