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ILPInductive Logic Programming
ILPInstruction-Level Parallelism
ILPIndividual Learning Plan
ILPIndependent Living Program
ILPIndependent Labour Party
ILPIsolated Limb Perfusion
ILPInstruction Level Parallelism
ILPInstance Level Property
ILPInformation Leakage Prevention (IT security)
ILPInstitut Latihan Perindustrian (Malaysia)
ILPIndian Legal Program (est. 1988; Arizona State University)
ILPIndustrial Liaison Program
ILPImprovement Location Permit (zoning)
ILPInformation Literacy Program (various locations)
ILPInteger Linear Program
ILPIntegral Life Practice
ILPInvestment-Linked Plan
ILPInternational Lithosphere Program
ILPIndefinite Listing Privilege (American Kennel Club)
ILPIntegrative Learning Project (various organizations)
ILPIntegrated Layer Processing
ILPIndividualized Learning Program
ILPInternational Library of Poetry
ILPI Love Photography (online forum)
ILPIndividual Learning Programme
ILPIndigenous Literacy Project (Australia)
ILPInstituto Libertad Y Progreso (Spanish: Institute for Liberty and Progress; Bogotá, Colombia)
ILPInternational Logistics Program
ILPInformation Led Policing
ILPInitial Learning Program
ILPInternet Lesson Plan
ILPInitial List Price
ILPI Like Pie
ILPIntegrated Leadership Program
ILPIntegrated Logistics Panel
ILPIvy League Publishing
ILPIntegrated Logistics Plan
ILPIndividual Lending Program
ILPInformation Lifecycle Protection (data management)
ILPInformation and Language Processing (UK)
ILPIntra LATA Presubscription
ILPInjection-Locking Process
ILPInventory Logistics Portal (US Air Force)
ILPInternal Logistics Project
ILPIncident Learning and Prevention
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She became part of the Youth Development Independent Living program, which is designed to work with "older, severely troubled youth," according to the agency's Web site.
Funded with state, federal and private money, these "independent living programs" gradually introduce youths to the basic responsibilities of adulthood.
Youths who are admitted into the independent living program have no family or residential settings to return to.
A large change occurred in the Centers for Independent Living Program (formerly Part B, now Part C).
The remaining 10 winners - Relief Nursery, Save the Pets, Kidsports, Just in Time Recovery Center for Meth Addiction, MECCA, The Inn Independent Living Program, Greenhill Humane Society, Susan G.
Cheryl Church, director, VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Independent Living program, briefed attendees on VA's services, eligibility criteria, and how to apply to that program.
The Providence Center's group home, transitional, and independent living program staffs are educated on the use of this tool and the importance of accurately assessing client cooking safety.
However, in early 2005, the Florida Department of Children and Families said it ran out of money for The Road to Independent Living program, which is supposed to provide money and training for transitioning foster children.
This effort was initiated by the agency's vocational rehabilitation (VR) program and staff of its former Title VII, Part B, Independent Living Program of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended.
The Ministry of Social Services has contracts with RRRC to provide an eight space respite home, two group homes that support eight people, a group living home supporting four people, a day program for two people, a supported independent living program and person-centred enhanced supports for two people.
91% of young adults remained in stable housing after completing the VYH Independent Living program in 2013.
To fulfill the commitment to a minimum data set, it was determined that assessments will be conducted only at the beginning and end of a consumer' s independent living program. A functional assessment of levels of performance and modes of independence shall be conducted by the service provider at the beginning and end of each consumer's program.
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