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NDXIndex (File Name Extension)
NDXIndex File
NDXNordic Derivatives Exchange (stock exchange; Sweden)
NDXNear Death Experience (also seen as NDE)
NDXNeighborhood Data Exchange (software)
NDXNorthern Document Exchange
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In other words, the index file contains the complete data of your Facebook account.
There are multiple sources of information on deaths of NLS-OM participants, including the 1990 survey data, a hand match to Vital Statistics (VS) death records in 1990, an electronic match to VS records in 2008, and a match to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Death Index file. The number of reported deaths through 1990 is dramatically different across the four sources.
It works by watching a secure network shared folder and when documents are uploaded it automatically takes the index file, populates the metadata values for the category and then pushes it into the correct OpenText department folder.
The index file is stored in the file system to be called by rendering engine.
This engine did not use automation and instead trusted web administrators to notify the existence of each site on an Index file. Jumpstation, created by Jonathan Fletcher in December 1993, was a search engine that put to use a web robot for indexing and a web form to take the query in.
The words are analyzed in Word Net API so that the related terms can be found for using in the index file. This index file will be generated for each upload from group owner and saved as serializable object in cloud.
* Index file contents quickly and also mirror changes as near to real-time as possible
The Storage Made Easy solution is able to index file content irrespective of location and make it available for lightening fast search through a web interface, Mac, Windows or Linux desktops, or iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone mobile devices.
We include the index code in the compressed file and we save it also in the index file used in the searching phase to extract the Quranic verse.