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Administrators can now break out the Alfresco Share collaboration application and Alfresco Index Server and run them on separate servers, which can increase the speed of large deployments.
* enhanced federated search capabilities and out-of-the box integration with Microsoft Index Server;
This fast search utility provides greater power and flexibility than Windows native "Find File Utility" without the overhead of a database or index server. It provides multiple search term file name and file content searches in a manner similar to many Internet search engines.
This is important, because the "Index Server" search engine that ships with the Microsoft server operating system does not index databases (where CMS200 stores your content), but only flat files.
"For example, Microsoft's IIS 4 Web server came out of the box with every feature turned on, every single component that you could use with it, such as index server (a feature that speeds searching on Web servers], loaded up and ready to go, even though 95 percent of the people don't use index server," says Wysopal.
The INDeX server will offer new levels of mobility with built in Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony technology.
* Features--Feature-packed Web site hosting offering full support for Java, ActiveX, Internet Information Server v5.0, Active Server, Index Server, FrontPage 2000, Crystal Reports, and live streaming media formats.
In the end, our office automation plan included four distinct, homegrown, applications: a fully functional scheduling database, designed and programmed in Microsoft Access; a Microsoft Word template that automates and enhances the production of Minutes of Proceedings; a Branchwide, limited-access, intranet site used as a one-stop reference source; and a powerful search engine, designed using Microsoft's Index Server software, used to retrieve specific information from our Minutes of Proceedings, minutes of meetings of our Chairs and Vice-Chairs and our Intranet site.
Microsoft NT Server with Index Server is capable of searching content formats such as HTML and PDF.
For example, Microsoft gives the Microsoft Index Server free with its Win- NT operating stem.