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IMInstant Message
IMIMAC (Apple Computer)
IMImportant Message
IMInstant Messenger
IMInformation Management
IMImage (mathematics)
IMInternational Master (chess)
IMInstant Messaging
IMInternal Medicine (journal)
IMIron Man
IMInternet Multimedia
IMInternet Marketing (various companies)
IMIdentity Management (information security)
IMIron Maiden (band)
IMInstruction Manual
IMIsle of Man
IMInfected Mushroom (band)
IMIndividual Medley (swimming)
IMInternational Marketing
IMIntake Manifold (automotive)
IMInstrumental Music
IMInstallation Manual
IMInstitute of Management
IMIngram Micro (various locations)
IMInstrumentation and Measurement
IMIncome Maintenance
IMImola (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
IMInfrastructure Manager (software)
IMIce Maker
IMInstitute of Medicine (federal health advisory group)
IMIndustrial Manufacturing
IMImatinib Mesylate (oncology)
IMInjection Molding (plastics)
IMInterface Module
IMInstallation & Maintenance
IMInformation Model
IMIndian Mujahideen (India)
IMImpossible Mission
IMImplementation Manager (various companies)
IMÍndice de Miseria (Spanish: Misery Index; economics)
IMIncoming Message
IMInfamous Mobb (band)
IMInstallation Manager (IBM)
IMIncredible Miracle (gaming clan)
IMIntegration Manager
IMInfectious Mononucleosis
IMInvestment Memorandum
IMIndian Meridian (Oklahoma)
IMInteractive Metronome (developmental aid)
IMInventory Manager
IMInitial Margin (investing)
IMInstruction Memorandum (US DOI)
IMInformation Memory
IMIndividual Membership
IMIndex Medicus
IMIndividuell Manniskohjalp (Swedish aid organization; est. 1938)
IMIntermodulation Distortion
IMInstrument Module
IMInterim Measure
IMIntermediate Moisture (rations)
IMInstitutional Methodology (student financial aid)
IMInoffizieller Mitarbeiter (Political Police Informer, GDR)
IMInoffizielle Mitarbeiter (German: Unofficial Collaborator)
IMInherent Moisture (coal quality indicator)
IMIntegration Management
IMIntestinal Metaplasia (gastroenterology)
IMInstitutional Management
IMIndianapolis Monthly (magazine)
IMImmaculate Machine (band)
IMInstituto de La Mujer (Spanish: Institute for Women; Spain)
IMImperia, Liguria (Italian province)
IMInsensitive Munitions
IMIntegrated Network Management
IMIntegrity Monitoring
IMIntensity Modulation
IMIntermediate Maintenance
IMInspection Manual
IMInterface Manager
IMInnovaciones Médicas (Spanish: Medical Innovations)
IMImplementation Model
IMInterstate Maintenance
IMInformation Memorandums
IMInterceptor Missile
IMIncident Meteorologist (various organizations)
IMInserto Metálico (Spanish: Metal Insert)
IMInside Macintosh
IMInterest Management
IMItem Master (inventory)
IMIP-based Multimedia
IMInternet Medicine (journal)
IMInteraction Manager
IMInner Marker (aviation; part of instrument landing system)
IMInstrument Manager
IMInvestigators Meeting (various organizations; clinical medical research)
IMInsuficiencia Mitral (Spanish: Mitral Insufficiency)
IMIndus Music
IMInstrumentman (USN Rating)
IMImpulse Modulation
IMIndependence Medal (Papua New Guinea)
IMIdeas in Movement (San Marino)
IMInterface Multiplexer
IMIngot Metallurgy
IMIterative Matching
IMInterrupt Modulation
IMInjection Margin
IMInfant Mystics (Mystic Mardi Gras society; Mobile, Alabama)
IMImpression Motivation
IMImplementation Memo
IMIntelligence Memoranda (NIMA)
IMIndex Meducus
IMIonospheric Mapper
IMInterconnect Monitor
IMImpact Memorandum
IMIntermediate Level Maintainer
IMImpurity Stimulation
IMItem Management/Manager
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De 1879 a 2004, la Biblioteca Medica Nacional de los Estados Unidos (US-NLM por su sigla en ingles), indexo los articulos de las revistas medicas en el Index Medicus, el cual salio de circulacion por la imposibilidad de manejar la voluminosa informacion generada mediante un libro (2).
An example of its influence on psychiatry is evident when we remember the 1980s or before when we had to turn to the famous Index Medicus to find articles that would help us answer any questions we may have had, as well as the costs involved whenever we wanted to bring an article in from overseas.
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi Index Medicus ve SCIE'ye kabulunden itibaren, gelisen sartlara ve gereksinimlere gore, hizli bir degisim ve gelisim surecine girmekte.
The quarterly journal, which emphasizes the results of controlled clinical studies, is abstracted/indexed in Index Medicus, Excerpta Medica, Current Contents, EMBASE, PsychINFO, and other databases.
ENT JOURNAL is indexed by Index Medicus and recently has become indexed by Thomson Scientific (formerly known as the Institute for Scientific Information [ISI]).
La RLP se encuentra indexada, en los siguientes bancos de datos, entre otros: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Current Contents/ Sciences, Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, PsycINFO (American Psychological Association), Psicodoc (Espana), Publindex, Iberindex, Latindex, Dietrich's Index, IBZ, Family and Social Studies Database, Index Medicus Latinoamericano, Lilacs (Bireme), Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory, Gala Thomson, Scopus, y otros.
A generation ago we would go to the hospital library to consult Index Medicus or review the published indices of the different journals at the end of each year.
Appendix B lists Journals in the Abridged Index Medicus and can be useful in seeking out specific journals.
Pero esta ciencia no habria podido despegar sin el desarrollo de las modernas bases de datos, herederas del Index Medicus, primero en versiones en disco (CD-ROM) y luego, de manera mucho mas notoria, a traves de Internet.
Now, you might say this was the state of affairs in the good ole days: after laboriously reviewing Index Medicus, you would pore through the stacks hoping your library subscribed to the journal of interest.