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Leaving medical texts aside, in earlier Indic texts on perfumery, where civet is mentioned at all it is not for the most part a prominent ingredient, unlike aromatics such as musk and camphor.
Mission art is imperative for retrieving the lost voices of indigenous people and to observe the currents of Indic imagery flowing from the small vehicle to the big vehicle.
In the chapter on Indic religions, for example, there are some blunt quotes about Hinduism's antipathy to science.
Organizations already developing Energy Apps for the Indic Energy Network include Building Momentum Group and the US Business Council for Sustainable Development.
For instance, take a look at the Indic Language Tool download page, and check out the number of instructions for IE vs.
Indonesia's imperialisms basically springs from two divergent eastern hemispheric empires arising from Neolithic garden cultures, the first subcontinent, Indic Hindu-Buddhist, beginning in the first century and the second, Mediterranean Islamic, beginning twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
The funds will be used in elementary and secondary schools to establish or expand programs of study in one or more "critical foreign languages," such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and languages in the Indic, Iranian, and Turkic language families.
Wally has turned out another 100-footer from its Ancona facility in Italy, this one called Y3K and following closely after the recent launch of Indic.
As for me, the key to Clinton was Martin Indic (his advisor for Middle East affairs in the National Security Council) and he was a Zionist Jew and an Australian who came to America in 1984 and founded the Washington Institute for Near East Affairs.
The third has eight contributions on 'other languages' now spoken here including Channel Island French, Chinese, Angloromany, Indic, and Caribbean and papers on multilingualism in the UK and even sign language.
Here, one of the attractions that drew Conklin to work with the Hanunoo in the first place was the presence in this small tribal community in upland Mindoro of an Indic script, or, more precisely, a syllabary, in which a majority of both men and women were literate.
Apart from the fact that the collection includes an article on the effects of democratic governance on the development of Indic theatre in South Africa by Dennis Schauffer, the interest for South African theatre practitioners lies in the challenging notion explored in these papers of the implications of the enforcement of democracy and its effect on the individual.