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INDFIndigestible Neutral Detergent Fiber
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Current assay therefore evaluates the types of material for the conditioning of samples in the rumen of animals, particle size and incubation time on the estimates of indigestible compounds in Dry Matter (iDM) and indigestible Neutral Detergent Fiber (iNDF) in alfafa.
Indigestible neutral detergent fiber in different grindings, materials and incubation times (1).
Miuda) Dry matter 412 143 886 894 Organic matter 956 904 989 935 Crude protein 18.2 22.6 97.4 485 Ether extract 11.3 17.2 37.6 13.2 aNDF(n) 775 205 119 151 iNDF 414 102 17.0 15.5 Lignin 73.4 46.2 12.2 30.0 aNDF(n), neutral detergent fiber assayed with a heat stable amylase and corrected for ash and nitrogenous compounds; iNDF, indigestible neutral detergent fiber. Table 2.
Indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF) was the internal index to calculate fecal excretion.
The internal markers that are commonly used in digestion trials for obtaining estimations of the fecal dry matter recovery and, subsequently, of digestibility, are the indigestible dry matter (iDM), indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF) and indigestible acid detergent fiber (iADF) (Penning and Johnson, 1983; Van Soest, 1994; Detmann et al., 2001; Detmann et al., 2007b).
Two digestion assays, one with sheep and another with goats, were conducted to evaluate the long-term bias of the internal markers of the indigestible dry matter, indigestible neutral detergent fiber and indigestible acid detergent fiber.
To estimate the excretion of the fecal dry matter, indigestible dry matter (iDM) and indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF) were used as internal marker (ZEOULA et al., 2002) and purified lignin (LIPE[R]) as external marker (FERREIRA et al., 2009).
This study evaluated the chromium complexed with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Cr-EDTA), ytterbium chloride (Yb[Cl.sub.3]) and indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF) in the estimation of fecal production; and analyzed the duodenal flow of dry matter, through the methods of single and double indicators and total, ruminal and post-ruminal apparent digestibility coefficients of different nutrients in dairy heifers in the post-weaning period.
The indicators used at the estimation of fecal production and apparent total and partial digestibility in the digestive tract were the complexed chrome (Cr-EDTA) and ytterbium chloride (Yb[Cl.sub.3]) as external indicators, and indigestible neutral detergent fiber (iNDF) naturally present in the feed, as internal indicator.