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In any event, if philanthropy in fact does not pay adequate indirect cost rates for the research they support, that only enhances the importance of the federal government's role in supporting the infrastructure of research.
Audits of indirect cost rates, also known as incurred cost audits, necessarily require auditing of all the indirect costs incurred by the contractor to determine a rate to be charged to all contracts.
The indirect cost rate represents the amount a university can charge for indirect costs associated with sponsored-research projects, and is based on the percentage of direct costs.
Pass-through entities must also extend this rule on the 10% de minimis indirect cost rate to sub-recipients.
* The Contractor shall update the schedule of cumulative direct and indirect costs claimed and billed within 60 days after settlement of final indirect cost rates.
A new de minimis indirect cost rate of 10% of direct costs is applicable to those entities that have never had a negotiated indirect cost rate in the past.
* Use caution when it comes to indirect cost rates. Indirect cost rate calculations can be complex and cumbersome, yet they are critical to recovering costs that .otherwise might not be captured.
The Defense Contract Audit Agency has been getting much tougher on contractors who are delinquent in submitting an indirect cost rate proposal.
The proposed rule states that it would not have a significant impact on small entities because "it is unlikely that a contractor would appeal the contracting officer's determination." This assessment is based on a conclusion that there would be little to dispute once a final indirect cost rate proposal has been submitted, the final incurred cost audit completed, and agreement reached on the final indirect rates.