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IDATAIndirect Data (assembly language directive)
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The company is participating in implementing a number of governmental projects related to cloud computing and indirect data security solutions, through information technology and security companies which mainly rely on WD's products.
“After 7 years, my scientific understanding of the benefits of DHA intake by pregnant mothers has been limited to interpreting mainly indirect data after birth.
According to indirect data, tourists from South Korea and Japan are considered as priority.
The investigators examined the burden of HCV illness directly, quantifying changes in the prevalence of cirrhosis and assessing trends in its related complications, because indirect data had suggested that it was increasing.
Enhanced MIDAW Capabilities - the new release includes advanced functionality that makes it easier to gain additional CPU efficiencies from Modified Indirect Data Address Word (MIDAW) capabilities.
They look at data bases of direct and indirect data, issues in recovering paleonutritional data, and interpretation and integration.
There has been no specific exploration of shale gas deposits in Bulgaria so far, and all claims that there might be substantial deposits are based on indirect data. Rock formations in the north-center and northeastern part of the country are believed to be the most likely places to harbor shale gas deposits.
Unfortunately, in some cases the evidence is disappointingly thin, leaving several questions unanswered or based on indirect data. But as a whole, the book does succeed in its aim of presenting a new perspective, placing past evidence in a context that's largely mediated by plant life.
However, ESA's science director David Southwood said previous conclusions were based on indirect data and that the European finding was more concrete.
Indirect data transfer demands thorough patient or caregiver training to avoid errors that could lead to mismanagement.
He is manager, indirect data sales of Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile in Orangeburg, New York.