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Matthew Large, lead researcher on the project at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex, said in a report by the Telegraph that "The reason that the screen on your phone is so easy to break is that the touch sensor is based on indium tin oxide.
Indium tin oxide thin films have been prepared by various deposition techniques including dc magnetron sputtering [6], electron beam evaporation [7], reactive sputtering [4,8], sol-gel method [9,10] chemical vapor deposition (CVD) [11] and spray pyrolysis [12,13].
In contrast, today's touch screens are made of brittle indium tin oxide films, which limits their size and design.
Unlike Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)-based films, SANTE Touch Films are flexible, thus increasing handleability and improving product design freedom by supporting curved, flexible and rollable touch displays.
The current industry-standard material for making transparent conductors is indium tin oxide, or ITO, which is deposited as two thin layers on either side of a separator film.
Current touchscreens use a transparent conductive film known as indium tin oxide (ITO), which is expensive and less effective on larger devices such as tablets.
The researchers use a small glass coated with indium tin oxide or just a piece of stainless steel plate as the electrode.
Laptops and desktops sporting large touch-responsive panels are costly to produce because the sensors are made of a rare and brittle material called indium tin oxide, or ITO.
Indium tin oxide (ITO) is one of the most popular materials used in transparent conductor applications.
Since its discovery, graphene has been seen as a potential replacement for indium tin oxide (ITO), the conductive material most commonly used in electronics, but advances in this direction have been hindered by the limited conductivity of the material.
Some specific topics examined include the control of selenium emission during coal gasification, preparation and properties of biocomposite film with gelatin and poly(vinyl alcohol), electrodeposition of blue-gold thin film onto indium tin oxide coated glass, and mechanical behavior of ultra high performance concrete.