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ICSRIndividual Case Safety Report
ICSRInternational Conference on Software Reuse
ICSRInternational Center for Scientific Research (various locations)
ICSRInternational Conference on Shellfish Restoration
ICSRInternational Center for Standards Research (University of Colorado)
ICSRInstitute of Control and System Research (Bulgaria)
ICSRInternational Center for Social Research (Baku, Azerbaijan)
ICSRInternational Corporate Social Responsibility
ICSRIndependent Customer Service Representative
ICSRIndian Council of Scientific Research
ICSRIndian Society for Clinical Research
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In 10 years' time, we should see pharmacovigilance systems that are more focused on improving the benefit-risk balance for patients than they are on the compliance of individual case safety reports.
EMA has also released guidance notes on the processing of safety messages and individual case safety reports -http://www.
It is important to avoid confusion between patient safety narratives and Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs).
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