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IMInstant Message
IMIMAC (Apple Computer)
IMImportant Message
IMInstant Messenger
IMInformation Management
IMImage (mathematics)
IMInternational Master (chess)
IMInstant Messaging
IMInternal Medicine (journal)
IMIron Man
IMInternet Multimedia
IMInternet Marketing (various companies)
IMIdentity Management (information security)
IMIron Maiden (band)
IMInstruction Manual
IMIsle of Man
IMInfected Mushroom (band)
IMIndividual Medley (swimming)
IMInternational Marketing
IMIntake Manifold (automotive)
IMInstrumental Music
IMInstallation Manual
IMInstitute of Management
IMIngram Micro (various locations)
IMInstrumentation and Measurement
IMIncome Maintenance
IMImola (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
IMInfrastructure Manager (software)
IMIce Maker
IMInstitute of Medicine (federal health advisory group)
IMIndustrial Manufacturing
IMImatinib Mesylate (oncology)
IMInterface Module
IMInjection Molding (plastics)
IMInstallation & Maintenance
IMInformation Model
IMIndian Mujahideen (India)
IMImpossible Mission
IMImplementation Manager (various companies)
IMÍndice de Miseria (Spanish: Misery Index; economics)
IMIncoming Message
IMInfamous Mobb (band)
IMInstallation Manager (IBM)
IMIncredible Miracle (gaming clan)
IMIntegration Manager
IMInfectious Mononucleosis
IMInvestment Memorandum
IMIndian Meridian (Oklahoma)
IMInteractive Metronome (developmental aid)
IMInventory Manager
IMInitial Margin (investing)
IMInstruction Memorandum (US DOI)
IMInformation Memory
IMIndividual Membership
IMIndex Medicus
IMIndividuell Manniskohjalp (Swedish aid organization; est. 1938)
IMIntermodulation Distortion
IMInstrument Module
IMInterim Measure
IMIntermediate Moisture (rations)
IMInstitutional Methodology (student financial aid)
IMInoffizieller Mitarbeiter (Political Police Informer, GDR)
IMInoffizielle Mitarbeiter (German: Unofficial Collaborator)
IMInherent Moisture (coal quality indicator)
IMIntestinal Metaplasia (gastroenterology)
IMIntegration Management
IMInstitutional Management
IMIndianapolis Monthly (magazine)
IMImmaculate Machine (band)
IMInstituto de La Mujer (Spanish: Institute for Women; Spain)
IMImperia, Liguria (Italian province)
IMInsensitive Munitions
IMIntegrated Network Management
IMIntegrity Monitoring
IMIntensity Modulation
IMIntermediate Maintenance
IMInspection Manual
IMInterface Manager
IMInnovaciones Médicas (Spanish: Medical Innovations)
IMImplementation Model
IMInterstate Maintenance
IMInformation Memorandums
IMInterceptor Missile
IMIncident Meteorologist (various organizations)
IMInserto Metálico (Spanish: Metal Insert)
IMInside Macintosh
IMInterest Management
IMItem Master (inventory)
IMIP-based Multimedia
IMInternet Medicine (journal)
IMInteraction Manager
IMInner Marker (aviation; part of instrument landing system)
IMInstrument Manager
IMInvestigators Meeting (various organizations; clinical medical research)
IMInsuficiencia Mitral (Spanish: Mitral Insufficiency)
IMIndus Music
IMInstrumentman (USN Rating)
IMImpulse Modulation
IMIndependence Medal (Papua New Guinea)
IMIdeas in Movement (San Marino)
IMInterface Multiplexer
IMIngot Metallurgy
IMIterative Matching
IMInterrupt Modulation
IMInjection Margin
IMInfant Mystics (Mystic Mardi Gras society; Mobile, Alabama)
IMImpression Motivation
IMImplementation Memo
IMIntelligence Memoranda (NIMA)
IMIndex Meducus
IMInterconnect Monitor
IMIonospheric Mapper
IMIntermediate Level Maintainer
IMImpact Memorandum
IMImpurity Stimulation
IMItem Management/Manager
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A Labour Party spokesperson said last night: "We don't comment on individual membership statuses."
The Individual Membership is a series of national pool competitions, run by the governing body of pool in Scotland - the SPA.
I have used this method with ANA's individual membership division (IMD) elections.
PSA offers two types of membership to meet the needs of the important precision engagement community--corporate membership, in which a company joins as a unit, and individual membership, when it is more appropriate for a career or DoD professional to join.
Individual membership is only $150 a year and can make a difference in the life of a colleague who has fallen on desperate times.
Statisticians describe a class of statistical models that has emerged since the late 20th century as a flexible cluster-like modeling tool for the unsupervised analysis of high-dimensional, multivariate data in which an observational unit does not belong to a single cluster, or principal component, and the assumption is that all units belong to all clusters according to an individual membership vector.
While individual membership is open to optometrists, vision scientists, researchers, all eye care industry professionals and the public, the corporate package is open to commercial organisations and is designed to help the WCO engage with businesses that are committed to eye health and vision care.
Junior Nett: 1 Taimur Malik (71), 2 Saud Al Sharif(83).***Golfers taking up individual membership of the Royal Golf Club before August 31 will have 100 per cent of their one-off joining fee credited to their member's account, giving them up to BD750 to spend on food, beverages, golf equipment, golf lessons and more.
In the Capital Club, memberships are offered in a number of categories including corporate membership, individual membership, non-resident corporate membership, non-resident individual membership and diplomatic membership.
The new SOFHT Legislation Forums are member-only events but with individual membership costing as little as [pounds sterling]55 and SOFHT's new 'High 5' membership package entitling five technical managers to join for just [pounds sterling]295, the events offer an inexpensive training option.
Alternatively, individual membership not only entitles you to play three world class golf courses but The PGA National Golf Academy and associated practice facilities are available to golf members and their golfing guests.
Fees are PS45 for individual membership, PS100 for a single listing for businesses, and PS150 for triple space listing for groups.
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