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IPDPIndustrial Peripheral Data Processing
IPDPIndividual Professional Development Plan (teaching)
IPDPInnovative Product Development Process (business innovation method)
IPDPInland Petroleum Distribution Plan (US DoD)
IPDPIntegrated Product Development Process
IPDPIndigenous People Development Plan
IPDPIntensive Personality Disorder Program
IPDPInternational Partnership for Development Programme (UN; Thailand)
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An important component of that yearly evaluation included an individual professional development plan with goals for the year.
Directions for completing the individual professional development plan (MIS 374).
The application of an individual professional development plan to gifted education.
The requirements are either to take and pass the praxis I exam or use an acceptable substitute as listed above; have a current license as a registered nurse; and develop an individual professional development plan.
An individual professional development plan is a tool that fosters specialized learning for educators.
Figure 1 Individual Professional Development Plan in Gifted Education Name -- Address -- Phone (school/home) -- E-mail -- Teacher in Regular Classroom -- Grade(s) -- Teacher in Specialized Program -- Grade(s) -- Counselor -- Grade(s) -- Curriculum Developer Grade(s) -- School -- Area(s) -- Administrator Area(s) -- 1.
Districts that want to participate must create teacher quality committees that monitor implementation and evaluation, determine the use and distribution of professional development funds, and ensure that district, school, and individual professional development plans are being met.
Once the departmental plan has been developed, involve staff members in creating their own individual professional development plans. For example, for credit analysts who have trouble conveying financial information in written reports, you may suggest classes in business communication.
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