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ITQIndividual Transferable Quota
ITQImproving Teacher Quality (state grant)
ITQInformation Technology Qualification (UK)
ITQInstituto Tecnológico de Querétaro (Spanish: Technological Institute of Queretaro; Mexico)
ITQInvitation To Quote
ITQImproving Training Quality (conference; World Bank)
ITQInnovation, Technology and Quality (Euro-Mediterranean Partnership)
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They commonly incorporate individual transferable quotas because their advantages include fixed catches, removal of harvesting capacity and elimination of the need to "race for fish" (Chu 2009).
management systems, such as individual transferable quotas (iTQs) and
Gissurarson (2003) describes the adoption of an individual transferable quota system in Iceland, and argues that it would have been politically impossible to institute the system had the government attempted to auction the quotas (or certificates) to the highest bidder.
Market-based approaches include either charging for external costs through, for example, emissions fees, or limiting external costs through tradable allowances, such as individual transferable quotas for fish catches.
Matulich, Mittelhammer, and Reberte (1996) showed that the intended improvement in harvesting efficiency under a traditional, harvester-only individual transferable quota allocation often has two unintended collateral effects.
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Individual Transferable Quotas ("ITQs"), are tradable fishing rights created by the National Marine Fisheries Service ("NMFS") and local fishery management councils in an attempt to alleviate the problem of overfishing, and achieve sustainable management in the United States.(2) Under ITQ management schemes, each qualifying fisher receives an individual quota, which is a specific percentage of the annual harvest limit--or total allowable catch ("TAC")(3)--for a specific fishery.
A sampling of specific topics includes: excess fishing capacity, property and use rights in fisheries, international fisheries law and the transferability of quotas, the economics of allocation in tuna regional fisheries management organizations, allocating fish across jurisdictions, individual transferable quotas for bycatches, prospects for use rights in tuna regional fisheries management organizations, and flags of convenience and property rights on the high seas.
Called individual fishing quotas (IFQs) or individual transferable quotas (ITQs), "catch shares" are similar to the tradable privileges in the cap-and-trade regulation of carbon emissions.
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