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IFQInvitation For Bids
IFQIndividual Fishing Quota
IFQIslamic Finance Qualification
IFQInterface Queue (wireless networks)
IFQIndependent Film Quarterly
IFQInternational Final Qualifying (The Open Championship; golfing)
IFQInstitut für Forschungsinformation und Qualitätssicherung (Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance; Bonn, Germany)
IFQIssued for Quotation (construction)
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fisheries to adopt management programs that utilized individual fishing quotas and cooperatives (hereafter "catch shares") with an objective to end the race for fish, and achieve economic and social goals (NPFMC, 2016b).
Individual fishing quotas (IFQs) are one kind of catch share, a means by which governments may regulate fishing.
Under the guise of conservation, the National Marine Fisheries Service has put us on a fast track to a system known as "catch share," or individual fishing quotas, which would allocate personally owned shares of the catch of public fisheries only to certain fishermen.
The user-fee discussion is also directed at concerns that recent efforts to limit the fisheries through the Individual Fishing Quota program will result in windfall profits for those who qualify to fish.
For the uninitiated, the individual fishing quota (IFQ) program allocates annual quotas to individual vessel owners or vessel leaseholders based on past landings and history in the sablefish and halibut fisheries.
Each qualifying fisherman would receive his or her historical share of the catch -- called an Individual Fishing Quota or IFQ.
Although it hasn't committed itself to establishing individual fishing quotas, the staff now is analyzing how an individual fishing quota (IFQ) system would change an overcapitalized fishery.
Commercial fishing deaths began to drop in the 1990s, due at least partly to the individual fishing quotas implemented later in the decade.
What was once a diffuse and diverse lot of commercial snapper fishermen has been reduced in number, organized and energized by the 2007 implementation of catch shares, or Individual Fishing Quotas. The IFQ system is the darling of EDF, and NMFS routinely sings its praises: improved safety as commercial fishers can choose which days to fish; improved prices for the catch by spreading out the landings through the year.
Ecological Implications of Individual Fishing Quotas and Harvest
Individual fishing quotas will be allocated to holders of transferable quotas on the basis of TACs allocated to each member state.
Called individual fishing quotas (IFQs) or individual transferable quotas (ITQs), "catch shares" are similar to the tradable privileges in the cap-and-trade regulation of carbon emissions.
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