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von Hinuber, "Vedic nivate and Pali nivdiake," Munchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 2 [1968]: 21-28 [= von Hinuber, Selected Papers on Pali Studies (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 2005, 2nd ed.), 9-16], with additions in Indo-Iranian Journal 42 [1999]: 161.) In the Apadana, bhumma (= bhumya) is most likely old, while bhumya could be a modernized form.
Indo-Iranian Journal 9: 199-202 (= Aufsatze zur Indoiranistik, vol.
Della Casa (Salesianum 48 [1986]: 399-400), Rudiger Schmitt (Kratylos 31 [1986]: 189-90), and Franco Crevatin (Indo-Iranian Journal 31 [1988]: 142-44).
The reviews in English overwhelmingly appeared in the Indo-Iranian Journal, which he has co-edited since its inception.
14 Comparison to Avestan anhu- is still advocated by Gamkrelidze and Ivanov, 643, and by older reference works, but is difficult to reconcile with William Malandra's identification of the anhu- as a bow, not a sword, "A Glossary of Terms for Weapons and Armor in Old Iranian," Indo-Iranian Journal 4 (1973): 268-69.
I then revised my formulation to broaden the scope of the law: "A Revised Amendment to Fortunatov's Law," Indo-Iranian Journal 25 (1983): 275-76.
Smith's book should be read together with his article, entitled "Epic Rajasthani," containing an analysis of the language found in the Pabuji epic, which was published recently in the Indo-Iranian Journal 35 (1992): 251-69.
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