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The Ryukyu Archipelago, located in the Indo-West Pacific and stretching between Japan and Taiwan, has experienced an extensive range of geological events over its history.
ampulla has a broad range throughout most of the Indo-West Pacific, from the shores of East Africa to Asia, Northern Australia and New Caledonia, but it appears to be absent from Arabian shores.
WA, Western Atlantic; EA, Eastern Atlantic; EP, Eastern Pacific; IP, Indo-West Pacific.
The Indo-West Pacific species described by Rudman (1987) and Miller (1981) are different in color from our species.
Nakedband gaper, Champsodon nudivittis (Ogilby, 1895) is common in the Indo-West Pacific, and has been recorded from Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Australia (Nemeth 1994; Yearsley et al.
An Indo-west Pacific species, Ostorhinchus gularis (Fraser & Lachner, 1984), captured at 290 m by trawl, is the deepest-dwelling apogonid known to date.
Previous reported range: Indo-West Pacific from Red Sea to Hawaii, Cerralvo Island, Gulf of California to Malpelo Island, Colombia; Clarion and Clipperton Islands (Castro 1971; Wicksten and Hendrickx 1992; Hoover 1998).
Valid names for these species have been debated (Mortensen 1943), but recent morphological and genetic studies all agree that the genus Echinometra is represented by at least four species in the Indo-West Pacific (IWP; Uehara et al.
At least five species are recognized within the tropical pipefish genus Hippichthys Bleeker, 1849, distributed from the northern Red Sea, eastern and southern Africa and throughout the Indo-west Pacific (Dawson 1985; Kuiter 2000).
Two new pygmy seahorses (Teleostei: Syngnathidae: Hippocampus) from the Indo-West Pacific.
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