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IVCIrvine Valley College (California)
IVCInferior Vena Cava
IVCIndus Valley Civilization (Bronze Age)
IVCImperial Valley College
IVCIntravenous Vitamin C
IVCIntravenous Cannula (obstetrics)
IVCInternational Vocal Competition (Netherlands)
IVCIntake Valve Closing (engines)
IVCIntegrated Video Controller
IVCInternet Video Camera
IVCInteractive Video Classes
IVCInternet Voice Connector
IVCInteractive Video Conferencing
IVCInternational Video Corporation
IVCIndennità di Vacanza Contrattuale (Italian: Contractual Holiday Allowance)
IVCInteractive Videoconferencing
IVCIllinois Vehicle Code (law)
IVCIslamic Vacation Course
IVCIllinois Virtual Campus
IVCInternational Venture Capital
IVCInter-Vehicle Communications
IVCIgnatian Volunteer Corps (Baltimore, Maryland)
IVCInternational Vacation Club (Dominican Republic)
IVCIntervehicular Communication
IVCInspiratory Vital Capacity
IVCInner Vacuum Chamber
IVCInterfaith Volunteer Caregivers (of Greater Bridgeport)
IVCInter-Varsity Club (UK; est. 1947)
IVCInternational Viola Congress (music)
IVCInstallation Volunteer Coordinator
IVCInternet Video Company (various locations)
IVCInland Valley Consortium (aka Consortium for Sustainable Use of Inland Valleys)
IVCIntegrated Visual Computing
IVCIntravenous Cholangiography
IVCInteractive Video Classroom (various schools)
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud composed of atomic hydrogen travelling at low velocities)
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud
IVCInvoluntary Commitment
IVCInternet Voice Chat
IVCChief Investigator (USCG Rating)
IVCIntraventricular Catheter
IVCIn-Vision Continuity
IVCInternet Video Communication
IVCIdentity Verification Certificate
IVCinternal value creation
IVCIndirect Vector Control
IVCInteractive Voice Communication
IVCIntegral of Viable Cell
IVCIndividual Vehicle Controller
IVCInstallation Volunteer Council
IVCImmediately Vital Cargo
IVCIncoming-switched Virtual Circuit (Nortel)
IVCIn-Vessel Component
IVCInternal Venture Company
IVCInterexchange Virtual Circuit
IVCIntravascular Free-Floating Tumor Cluster
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He said that is not the responsibility of archeologist only to continue research on Indus valley civilization, all those people who love with their history and culture to come forward for research one one of the most developed and civilized civilization.
The Indus Valley Civilization splendor is in the concept of public good and their welfare.
He said that before the year 1929 nobody was aware about Indus valley civilization, from where they came and where thay have gone but it is generally understood that actually they belong to Aryan race.
Meanwhile, acclaimed cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlaub who has worked in Hollywood projects like "Independence Day", "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", "The Jackal", and "The Haunting" has been signed on board to film the Indus Valley Civilization for the movie, reported the tabloid.
In the cultural and artistic domain, the Indus Valley civilization and Mughal Art and Architecture have prevailed and prospered.
KARACHI -- The Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Karachi, has initiated a series of lectures on Indus Valley Civilization.
K area of the ruins of the ancient city of a civilization that dates back to five thousand years, known as Indus Valley Civilization.
KARACHI -- Sindh High Court on Thursday restrained the Government of Sindh and organizers of Sindh Cultural festival to hold inauguration ceremony today at the site of Mohan-Ho Daro, which is the symbol of Indus valley civilization.
The Romans knew it as "Indus" (the name used to describe the great Indus Valley civilization that flourished thousands of years ago).
Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that yoga, referred as "a living fossil" whose traces went back to around 2,000 BCE to Indus Valley civilization, was a mental and physical discipline handed down from one guru to next, for everybody to share and benefit from.
The Indus Valley Civilization was at its peak from the 3rd till the middle of the 2nd millennium BC.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has attracted a large number of foreign tourists as country has variety of tourist products to offer visitors from the all over the world, mountains, white water sports, hiking areas in Pakistan are ideal for adventure tourists, valleys, deserts, beaches for nature lovers, Buddhist heritage sites of Gandhara, Sikh sacred shrines, Hindu holy temples, Indus valley civilization sites are best-suited for pilgrims, scholars and students, said Managing Director PTDC, Abdul Ghafoor.