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IABInternet Architecture Board
IABInteractive Advertising Bureau
IABInternet Advertising Bureau
IABInternet Activities Board
IABInstitut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (German: Federal Institute for Job Research)
IABInstitute of Arctic Biology (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
IABInternational Accounting Bulletin (publication)
IABInstitute for Advanced Biosciences (Keio University; Japan)
IABImpact Assessment Board (EU)
IABI Am Bored
IABIntra-Aortic Balloon (catheter)
IABIntranet in a Box
IABInteragency Board (Equipment Standardization and InterOperability)
IABIndustrial Advisory Board
IABInternational Association of Book-Keepers
IABIndustrial Accident Board (various locations)
IABInternal Affairs Bureau
IABIrish Agrément Board (National Standards Authority of Ireland)
IABInteragency Advisory Board
IABIndustrial Automation Business (various companies)
IABMcConnell AFB (Airport Code)
IABInternet Advisory Board
IABInstituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil (Brazil)
IABI Am Back
IABInternational Arrivals Building (airports)
IABInternational Association of Bioethics
IABInnovation Advisory Board
IABImmigration Appeals Board
IABInternational Association of Broadcasting
IABIndustry Advisory Body (Australia)
IABInternet Advertising Board
IABIomega Automatic Backup (software)
IABIndexed Annuity Bond (investment; Australia)
IABInvestment Approvals Board (UK MOD)
IABInfantry Assault Bridge
IABIsland-Arc Basalt (earth science)
IABIncentive Awards Board
IABIndividual Address Block
IABInternet Audio Broadcasting (One-way audio option for webconferencing)
IABIntake Air Bypass
IABInteragency Airtanker Board (National Interagency Aviation Council)
IABInternational Abstracting Board
IABInformation Assurance Bulletins
IABInternetwork Architecture Board
IABIt's All Bollocks (UK slang)
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A very close relationship has been established between the industry and the program at IRSC through an Industrial Advisory Board. Companies that hired our graduates in the past were invited to the board, and their advice was used to shape and/or modify the program offerings.
Nichols is a member of the advisory board of Eastern Michigan University's Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (2005-present); industrial advisory board of North Dakota State University (2000-present); and was a member of the organizing committee of the Service Life Prediction of Coatings Symposium in 2005.
John Meyer's visit comes only three months after Acxiom joined the programme, where it sits on the Kaust industrial advisory board alongside other founding partners, providing guidance to the research being executed on the main campus in Thuwal, as well as through the significant global collaborative research network.
As a member of the KAUST's Industrial Advisory Board, Sumitomo Chemical will play a role in KICP's management and provide guidance for KAUST's research.
As a member of theKAUST's Industrial Advisory Board, Sumitomo Chemical will play a role in KICP's management and provide guidance for KAUST's research.
While reviewing these calls, EMPF staff consulted its Industrial Advisory Board, which encountered precisely this scenario during participation in the most quoted and thorough military-environment qualification study of Pb-free electronics solder joint reliability yet conducted: the JGPP study by NASA, the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft, and other defense industry leaders.
BNC also has an Industrial Advisory Board comprised of representatives from biomedical companies.
He is vice president of the Temple College of Engineering Alumni Board and also serves on the college's industrial advisory board.
The move to bring Mr Williams' expertise to the eightstrong industrial advisory board strengthens the North Wales presence on the statutory body.
He also worked for the Development Board for Rural Wales, the Wales Industrial Advisory Board and sat on the boards of several major Welsh universities.
Entegris noted that Goodman was also recently elected to the position of industrial advisory board chairman for the University of South Carolina Fuel Cell Center, where he will chair the group that directs funding of FC research.
PPG scientists have actively served on the NDSU Coatings and Polymeric Materials Industrial Advisory Board over the years, joining other coatings industry representatives to help guide the departments curriculum.
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