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IMLInstituto Médico Legal (Portuguese: Institute of Forensic Medicine; Brazil)
IMLInstitute of Modern Languages (University of Queensland; Brisbane, Australia)
IMLInstitut Maurice Lamontagne (Canadian institute)
IMLIn Mold Labeling
IMLInternational Migration Law
IMLIsuzu Motors Limited (Japan)
IMLInitial Microcode Load
IMLImagine Mailing List
IMLIntegrated Memory Logic
IMLIntegrated Management Log
IMLInterface Management Logic
IMLIt's My Life
IMLInternational Microgravity Laboratory
IMLInteractive Media and Learning (various locations)
IMLIntermediolateral Nucleus (central nervous system)
IMLIn My Life (Beatles song)
IMLIllinois Municipal League
IMLIn-Mould Labeling
IMLInstituto Miguel Lillo (Spanish: Miguel Lillo Institute; Argentina)
IMLInternational Mountain Leader (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations)
IMLInteractive Matrix Language
IMLInternational Mister Leather
IMLInformation Markup Language (superset of Wireless Markup Language)
IMLInstrument Markup Language
IMLInstitut Monetaire Luxembourgeois
IMLInitial Machine Load
IMLImage Markup Language
IMLInitial Microprogram Load
IMLInner Mold Line
IMLInitial Masking Level (audiology)
IMLIntermediate Messaging Layer (Bombay Stock Exchange; India)
IMLImperial, Nebraska (airport code)
IMLInternet Mailing List
IMLInteractive Meetings Limited (UK)
IMLItem Master Log (document)
IMLIntelligent Machines Laboratory (various locations)
IMLIntegrated Medical Learning (Congress of Neurological Surgeons)
IMLImpedance Matrix Localization Method
IMLIntercontinental Music Lab
IMLIntel Microprocessors Laboratory
IMLInternational Medical Libraries Ring
IMLIntermediate Maintenance Level
IMLInitial Microcode Loader
IMLInstituti I Mjekësisë Ligjore (Lawful Medicine Institute, Kosova)
IMLInter-Subsystem Message Layer (computing)
IMLIndustrial Might and Logic (fictional company in Night Shift, an old LucasFilm PC game)
IMLInter-Mountain League
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