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IRDInland Revenue Department (various nations)
IRDInstitut de Recherche pour le Développement (Marseille, France)
IRDInstitute of Rural Development (India)
IRDIntegrated Receiver Decoder
IRDIn Room Dining (hotels)
IRDInter-Religious Dialogue (various organizations)
IRDInstitute on Religion and Democracy (organization)
IRDInterest Rate Differential
IRDIntermediate Reduction Drive
IRDInterface Requirements Document
IRDImage Rate Duplication
IRDImpact Recording Device
IRDInput Output Read
IRDImage Replacement Documents
IRDIntegrated Regional Development (various locations)
IRDInterest Rate Derivatives (finance)
IRDInformation Resource Dictionary
IRDIncrement(al) Requirements Document
IRDInternational Relief & Development
IRDInstitute of Reading Development
IRDImmune Reconstitution Disease
IRDImage Replacement Document (Check 21)
IRDIntelligent Resource Director (IBM mainframes, workload management)
IRDInitial Review Date (various organizations)
IRDInstituto de Radioproteção e Dosimetria (Portugese)
IRDI Really Do
IRDIce-Rafted Detritus (pebbles dropped on sea floor by icebergs)
IRDInternational Resource Development
IRDInstitut de Recherche et Développement
IRDIntegrated Receiver Descrambler
IRDIonizing Radiation Division (National Institute of Standards & Technology)
IRDInterest and Royalties Directive (EU)
IRDInfantile Refsum Disease
IRDIntelligence and Reconnaissance Division (US DoD)
IRDIndustry Research and Development
IRDIntegrated Requirement Design
IRDInternal Revenue Directorate (Iceland)
IRDIndustrial Relations Department
IRDImplementation Row Descriptor (ODBC)
IRDInterchange Rate Designator (MasterCard)
IRDIrritable, Restless, Discontent (addiction recovery)
IRDInterface Requirement Document
IRDInvestigations and Resolutions Division (US DoD)
IRDIndependent Research & Development
IRDIndustry Resource Directory
IRDIntelligence Reporting Directive (US DoD)
IRDIncome in Respect to Decedent
IRDInitial Requirements Document
IRDInformation Requirements Document
IRDInformation Resources Directory
IRDInfrared Decoy
IRDIntegrated Resolution Designs (Citrus Heights, CA)
IRDInitial Requirements Determination
IRDInteroperability Requirements Document
IRDIncident Response Division
IRDInfrastructure Requirements Document
IRDImage Record Descriptor (US Postal Service)
IRDInstallation Requirements Document
IRDInstruction Removal Detector
IRDIntegrated Requirements Determination
IRDIntegration Requirements Definition
IRDInternational Requirements Document
IRDIntroduction to Relational Databases (course)
IRDIntelligence Reserve Division
IRDIntensive Resource Development (oil & gas industry)
IRDInternational Relief and Development in Afghanistan
IRDIllinois Research & Development
IRDInfinity Research and Development, Inc
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Prof Frank Burchill heads the human resource management and industrial relations department and his inquiry will cover the whole of the UK with a report expected at the end of March.
The fire left many burning questions unanswered such as the government departments' capabilities, including that ofthe fire, labour and industrial relations departments.
Most are certainly employed by universities, though most often in former industrial relations departments which have now all but transformed into component parts of business schools.
An integral theme of the book is the idea of Industrial Democracy, a term that was almost universally embraced, but subject to different interpretations: collective bargaining to AFL members, owning the means of production to more radical unionists, and company unions and industrial relations departments to management.
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