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INDYIndianapolis (Indiana)
INDYIndependent (as in independent or alternative music or films)
INDYIndiana Jones (Movie)
INDYInternet Direct
INDYUSS Independence
INDYIsland New Democratic Youth (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
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We know Indy is the hero by the way he is photographed.
Whereas My Indy continued his fine progress and won under Frankie Dettori, Asiatic Boy tired close home and could manage only third.
I really didn't know much about racing before I worked with the Indy 500.
Flies have two copies of Indy, and such a mutation in one of them extends the fly's average life span at 25 [degrees] C from 37 days to about 70 days.
Unlike most Indy cars, the Bud car was designed and manufactured in the United States.
Of all the fancy controls in an Indy car, not one button says "Increase Centripetal Force.